How to Prepare for Pre-Boards like a Pro?

How to prepare for Pre -Boards? 

The moment winter season begins, students start wondering about exams, right? Students prepare hard for board exams but they often ignore the importance of Pre-Boards. They often forget that Pre- Boards serve as precursor them to experience the level of Board exams.  It helps in getting them an idea about board examinations.  Pre Boards also help them in analyzing their weakness so that they can work on their study methods and strategies. Here is how to prepare for Pre- Boards like a pro? Pre- Boards are around the corner and these tips will come really handy.

How to prepare for pre boards

5 tips to prepare for Pre -Boards like a pro:

1. Time is the king

Manage your time effectively. Time is very important and to manage it properly you need a timetable. According to the vastness of the subject, divide its chapters and topics. Start with the strongest one. It will save your time.

2. Learn to do not cram

Learning is a slow process.  You have to learn topics by understanding. Cramming will only increase the load on your brain. You would not be able to remember things for a longer time. Understanding the concept is important, it will help you to score better.

3. Make notes

Do not leave things for the end moment. Make notes because they will come in handy at the last moment. Pre-boards can determine your board performance so take them seriously. Prepare for it like the final examination. If your concept will be cleared, then during board exams, you would not feel a pressure.

4. Solve previous year question paper

This way you will able to check your speed. Also, this will give an idea of solving paper without compromising on the presentation.

5. Do not forget the Textbook

Of course, you should prepare from help books but you should never forget the textbook. Maximum questions are asked from NCERT, especially from the illustrations given before every chapter. If you have practiced illustrations, questions and have covered all the topics from the textbook, then you are exam ready.

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Apart from these tricks, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while preparing for pre-boards.

1. Eat Well and Sleep well

Yes, eat the right food and say no to junk food during exam days. Also, it is important to take an ample amount of sleep. You should sleep for at least 8 hours. This will keep your mind fresh which means your concentration level will increase.

2. Say No social media

Go out and chill with friends if you require a break while studying. But say no social media. It is an addiction and that would distract you. So, during exams say no to social media.

prepare for pre boards

3. Keep yourself hydrated

Drink a lot of water to keep yourself. Hydration plays an important role. You will feel less lethargic and it will boost your immunity too.


Just remember board exams are no hoopla, the only thing you need to do is understand the right strategy. If you will apply the right strategy and will start preparing from the very first, then scoring good marks would not be a big deal. Eat well, sleep well and most important study well.

All the Best! Give your best!

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