How to plan a vacation? Here are few handy tips!

Everything that you must keep in mind before planning a vacation

After spending months working in office or studying at college for exams, we all feel the need to escape the nine to five routine. You might have some paid day-offs left in your office calender. So if you are planning for a vacation to spend those day-offs, this article will help you plan your vacation for a comfortable stay.


Vacations should be pre-planned, specially during peak time. A poorly planned vacation can be a devastating experience. There are some basic key points which you should consider before a vacation. Let’s see what are they.

1) Decide and finalize the Destination.

Most important part of a vacation is to choose a appropriate destination out of your long bucket list, but by keeping few points in mind you can choose the most suitable one. Firstly, make a list of top five destinations that you always wanted to visit.

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Now, decide whether you want to go for a solo trip or you want to go with your friends. If you are going solo then you are your own boss, choose the destination that most appeals to you. If you are going with your friends then collectively decide the most suitable destination.

Calculate an estimate amount of travel expenses of each destination and choose the one which suits your budget. Brainstorm on these points and get to a final choice.

2) Making arrangements

Research about the best hotel deals or flight deals available. Book a hotel according to your budget. Book travel tickets online or buy from a store. According to the distance to your destination from your city, book a suitable travel option.

Consider all modes of transport and choose the most suitable one. Apply for Visa if required and make sure you arrange all the necessary documents for the travel.

Make sure all your credit cards and debit cards are working. Keep some cash with you at all times and do not rely completely on plastic money. You will not find ATMs in the forest, so be prepared at all times. If you are going for camping, trekking, or any other adventure then make sure to arrange all the necessary equipments and essentials. If you are going to beach then keep a sunscreen handy. In short, keep the things that you might need during the vacation.

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3) Plan your Itinerary

According to the number of days you will spend there, choose a variety of activities that you would like to do during your vacation. It can be para-gliding, bunjee jumping, rafting, mountain climbing, parachute flying or any other activity. Book the tickets in advance. If you are not an adventure-freak then pamper yourself with a day at spa or a tour at the museum. Every city in the world is unique and it has its own distinct essence. Dwell into the city’s culture and history.

Live the culture and taste the traditions. Find out the best attractions of the city and try them out. A dinner at the best restaurant of the town can be a good idea too. Be creative while planning your itinerary and do include the things you always wished to do.

4) Packing all essentials for the vacation

People sometimes under-pack or over-pack which can be really annoying during the vacation. So spending a day to perfect the art of packing will be worth your time. There are several videos on YouTube to learn to pack all the things in an organised way. The important part is to only pack the things that you will truly require in the vacation.

Do not pack your entire wardrobe for few nights. So start by deciding your outfits for each day of the vacation. Pack only those which you will really need and keep only one or two extra pair. Instead of taking your entire make up kit. Make a DIY make up kit with a small quantity of all the products you will need. Do not forget any essential item at home, like torch, chargers, raincoat, sunscreen etc.

Once all of this is done, sit back and relax. When everything is pre-planned and organised, a vacation can be a really fulfilling and relaxing experience. After long hours of hardwork, we all need few days away from the busy street and daily life struggles. Most importantly, do not forget to have a lot of fun. Own it.

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