How to overcome stress and anxiety through Yoga?

Yoga techniques to deal with stress and anxiety

The ancient practice of Yoga which belongs to the heritage of India is known all around the globe to heal various ailments and preserve health. Yoga helps in calming and rejuvenating one’s body as well as brain. Yoga works as the ultimate healer and brings harmony to our body, mind and soul. So here are few yoga techniques to overcome stress and anxiety.

Yoga certainly has many benefits from improving flexibility and concentration to controlling blood pressure. It even aids to weight loss and boosts immunity. If performed on a regular basis, yoga slows down the process of aging as well. Even our nervous system starts working properly if not already via practicing Yoga.

In today’s ever moving world, people often fall prey to depression. Yoga is said to be the best meditation practice to burst stress and be relieved from anxiety. Let’s have a look at few Yoga poses which could help in relieving your anxiety and stress:


Easy pose brings inner calm and promotes discipline. It eliminates mental and physical exhaustion. Sitting straight in the pose and focusing on your breath for mere 60 seconds would bring tranquility to your being and eliminate stress.

How to overcome stress and anxiety through Yoga?
Easy Pose


Corpse Pose transfers one to more of a relaxation mode. All the issues and stress of your life is kept at the back of your mind and you just relax while lying on your back with eyes closed and arms on the either sides with palms facing up. 5 minutes of lying in the pose would melt your anxiety and stress.

How to overcome stress and anxiety through Yoga?
Corpse Pose


Unlike the name suggests, Child Pose doesn’t consist of any childish activities rather this pose helps in restoring your mental and physical energy in many ways. Sitting on your knees and resting your forehead on the ground by bending forward and valium helps in alleviating anxiety. This pose also helps in reducing shoulder, neck and back pain.

How to overcome stress and anxiety through Yoga?
Child Pose


Standing Forward Bending pose is often termed as an ideal pose for reducing stress. It improves the supply of blood throughout the body and preserves the proper functioning of the nervous system. Touching the ground by bending forward while keeping your knees straight and controlling the breathing rhythm by holding the pose for 30 seconds would help in losing weight as well as releasing stress. The process should be repeated 5 to 10 times for effective results.

How to overcome stress and anxiety through Yoga?
Standing Forward Bend

Anjali Mudra

Salutation Seal brings harmony and peace to us both physically and mentally. It is a meditative pose which balances our right and left side to the center. Sitting in the comfortable cross-legged position while keeping both hands together in front of us shall bring some composure to our stress and anxiety levels.

How to overcome stress and anxiety through Yoga?
Salutation Seal
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