Make the ultimate use of this Lockdown by giving your skin extra nourishment with AVON

nourish skin

Avon range that will make you glow!

This lockdown is not that bad. You can make best out of this time. Give your skin extra nourishment with Avon.

Here’s an essential skincare products by AVON you may want to consider to keep up your hygiene and beauty regime while following the stay-at-home order.

 AVON  has curated a simple 3 step skincare regime for oily skin to be used day and night usage to get that extra glow and care to your skin. The regimen gives goodness of Chia seeds and Mattifying powders to keep an all day balanced and matte skin*

Cleansing: AVON’s Nutraeffects Mattifying cleanser is ideal for Keeping skin perfectly balanced by normalizing oil production and hydration levels. MRP : 399


Toning: Toning is a crucial part of skincare, therefore don’t miss it  by any chance. Before going to the next nourishment step, use Nutraeffects Mattifying toner which has a non-sticky formula and absorbs quickly to give your skin a smooth finish and refines skin texture immediately. MRP 399


Nutraeffects Miracle Glow Facial oil: Nutraeffects Miracle Glow facial oil has the benefit of 8 oils in 1. It fortifies skin barrier & locks hydration, reduces discoloration & helps in premature ageing. This super oil also provides immediate radiance & glow, reduces uneven skin tone & provides moisture. MRP 799


Nutraeffects Mattifying Night cream/ Nutraeffects Mattifying Day cream: The next step would be applying a Day cream or a night cream, depending on the time you are following the skincare routine .It absorbs quickly  and smoothens the skin, giving it a oil free look all day. MRP 629 each (for day cream and night cream)

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