How to motivate yourself to get back to studies after multiple failures?

Seeking motivation to start studying again after failures? Here is what you should be doing

Agree or disagree, we all fail for better. A failure comes with a thousand learnings with itself, but for a fact, we all are so fascinated by the idea of winning that failures do end up making us disappointed. And repeated incidents of failure can even make you feel unwilling to start again. But, let us tell if you don’t give up thinking about your goal, you will finally achieve it. For you, to start over studying again, here are a few things that you need to do. But remember, you don’t really need the motivation to start your education again after a failure but what you need is control on your conscious mind about how you see failures.

Accept your study failure as feedback

Failure is not really a sign that you failed, in fact, it goes by the saying, “You either win or you learn, but you never fail”. Especially, when it comes to studies, a few papers can’t really define how talented you have been as a person. Your scorecard is just feedback for you and you got to accept it and work upon it according to your will.

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Look at the brighter side of your past failures

We come across failures everyday, of different nature, and with different people and prospects involved. The nature of all of them can be very different from your studying failure. But there would have definitely been some failures that have further made you learn something. Go back to those instances, look at the learnings involved with the failure and make your mind see the brighter end of incidents when you failed. Take motivation from there and apply it to your study failures.

Sit with your failure, absorb it and detect the problem areas

Instead of worrying about your failure, all that you need to do is sit with your failure and analyze the reasons behind it. Try to detect the reasons behind it, find out answers to what possible mistake you might have done in your answer sheets, what external factors made it not happen, etc. And when you get the reasons, you have precisely known why things happen to not work out.

Don’t regret the past

Now, while pinpointing the mistakes, you might get into a spell where you will start questioning and regretting your mistakes. Well, what’s gone is gone. You can’t achieve anything by thinking about the same. So, don’t let yourself be in a place where you are holding onto regrets.

Identify the Next chance

Well, for the study failures at least, most likely is that you will get a second chance, and hence, you got to be the best version of yourself in the second change. Be grateful for the fact that you are getting a second chance, and plan how you will give your best there. Make this as your point of motivation, reutter for yourself, that ‘you will get through this exam this time’ and put your finest stone forward for the same.

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