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Work, family, college, assignments, projects, files, and it is a never-ending list that goes on. Sometimes we all find ourselves stuck in the same monotonous routine.  On the other hand, our friends and dear ones are living their life at fullest; obviously this makes us so vulnerable to anxiety and frustration.  In fact, this feeling is so inevitable so there is nothing to panic. Questioning ourselves every then and now is completely okay. A lot of time we ask ourselves if we are living the life we wanted to live, or are we on the right track in the pursuit of a meaningful life?

Life gives us these pauses too often and we always look through some possible ways to make our life a bit more interesting. Some people make weekend’s schedules to go out with friends and family, some take annual trips to their favourite destinations, and some are just sticking to their new year’s resolution. But what can you do to make your daily life interesting and full of joys and fun? What should you do to make it more meaningful and worth living?

If you are finding it hard to discover some possible ways to enjoy your life and making it meaningful, here are some best-tested ways (not so secret though) that can help you to explore the opportunities to come out of your monotonous schedule. Follow these tactics to add some colours and nurture your life:

1. Make a new to-do list

This is the first thing you should start now. Make a new to-do list of your daily tasks, jot down your weekly schedule, do them on time and make some time for extra activities which you don’t do normally, like visiting a new restaurant and giving yourself a fresh taste of a new dish or making some time to read blogs or books on your favourite topics.

2. Get a new hobby

This one thing alone can make a huge impact on your life and give you the most life-changing experience.

There are so many people who have transformed their life by switching their career with hobbies as their profession.  Do something that uplifts your mood and makes you feel zealous, engaged, and happy. The best things about having hobbies are they improve your both professional and personal life. Hobbies are the great stress reliever too and they help you to explore yourself. Many recruiters on LinkedIn have said they look at people who have some extra curriculum on their CV than just their work experience and qualification, means having a hobby may help you in a better career too.

3. Ditch your couch

Aahhh!! Who hates this, staying home, laying on the couch, playing video games, watching Netflix, and eating a lot of food, but this is not going to give your life any meaning. Go out to meet new people, make new friends with the same interests, and explore your city.  Get a camera or Smartphone with a notepad and start clicking and writing facts about interesting things you see around, it could be a new car model, a very unfamiliar dog breed, local concerts, monument or things that represent your city. You can start a blog or an Instagram page where you can post all of your stories and photographs.

4. Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer!

Nothing is more satisfying than giving your hand to someone who is in need. Join your local NGO, animal welfare, or an old age home, volunteer there on weekends, after your college, or anytime you are free. This will help you to grow as a better human being, in your self-development, and explore your city or even to the new places out there.

5. Learn something new and productive

Doesn’t matter how busy you are with your job or college’s schedule to join a new course, but we all know the digital world has changed our lives completely. Now, you can learn new skills at your home or even while commuting to your workplace too. Join some online classes to learn your favourite things whether it’s cooking, writing, coding, a new instrument, or a new language. You can sign up for any online training platform and you can find some free online courses available on the internet too.

6. Come out of your comfort zone

Do you hate water and being wet Or afraid of heights? Surprise yourself with some outdoor activities, go for river rafting, bungee jumping, or paragliding and enjoy the water splashes and air blows on your face. Change your schedule, try to wake up early in the morning and go for cycling, running, gym, or try some yoga poses. Coming out of your comfort zone and overcoming your fear will definitely help you to explore more of you and enjoy the life.

7. Focus on good health

“Health is wealth” we have been hearing this quote since our childhood, and yes good health is as important as anything else for a healthy and meaningful life. Focus on maintaining a good physical and positive mental attribute. Don’t take stress, try to get some long walks, do meditation, yoga, cycling, and other outdoor funs too.  Eat healthy, minimize your alcohol intake, quit your smoking habit and don’t forget to laugh.

8. Change your job if you are not satisfied

Most of us feel unsatisfied with our job and the reason could vary, it might be the long working hours, long travel distance from the home, unfriendly environment or low salary. Try to get a new job, if you have long travel hours, find a new job at a suitable location, or if you’re not satisfied with the salary, work on new skills and get promotions or a new role.

9. Work on self-development and look for new opportunity to grow

Whether it’s is professional or personal life, you have to be on a learning stage all the time. Work on making a successful career and build a trustful relationship with spouse, parents, and friends. But make sure to allow yourself some personal space and time too. Keep learning helps you to grow and opens new doors of opportunities for a better job and a better life too.

10. Join a club

For a weekend fun you can do this. Find local clubs near you and join them. Join cycling club, hiking club, or environmentalists and go for outing with them and explore a different lifestyle. You will find people from different culture and communities too. Most of the clubs are free to join or required minimum joining charges. If you can’t find them near you, you can sign up on meet up where you will definitely find local clubs and groups which organize events in your cities and are having the same interests.

11. Do what makes you feel more you and energized

Don’t do things that make you feel drained and lost. Life is more about exploring yourself and finding new stuff to do. Be passionate every time, be ready and eager to learn new skills, express yourself, and pursue your passion. Remember one thing at the end what only matters is what we feel not what others do. Do what you feel loved, but make sure you don’t harm anyone. If you love smoking but it affects someone near you or your relationship with your spouse or family, don’t do when they are around, and it is always a  good idea to quit some bad habits.

12. Earn a few extra bucks

No doubt this is the ultimate thing that can add some whim/fun to your life and allow you to experience a life that many people desire to have. Money doesn’t only buy you things but gives you financial stabilities and freedom too. But make sure you don’t give your entire time to your work and wandering the stock market’s graph. Divide and balance your time between family, work, and self, ultimately a good relationship with people who makes you feel complete.

13. Try something unusual

Though money gives you luxury and comfort, but imagine going on a trip with no or very less money. Not staying in hotels despite lying in the midst of the forest, camping in the midnight leaving all the luxury behind. Living nature as it is, living a nomad’s life, allowing yourself to see life from a different perspective, and taking a turn that is unusual to others. Sounds cool right! But make sure you don’t harm nature and animal or vice versa.

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Conclusion – The final assert

Making life meaningful and interesting need changes and making changes needs courage. Prepare yourself before starting a new resolution or schedule, don’t make unachievable tasks, if you feel you can’t stick to one try to make it less sturdy and strained. Take things with ease, making changes required time and patience. Add one or two new things daily than doing all in a go. Don’t compare yourself with others this will only upset you and make you feel unworthy. Learn to live in the moment, love yourself, help people, and don’t take things for granted.

What makes a life meaningful is the inner peace and satisfaction, the job we have, having people around we love, good health, and dressing what makes us feel good. A meaningful life is nothing but to live a life of your own, not allowing others to control your emotions. A life which is balanced between your career, relationship, and personal values is what called a life full of meanings. But being utterly selfish won’t make our life complete either, be a good listener, make people around you happy (but you don’t need to please to everyone), and always take your personal and professional life parallel.

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