How to make your bedroom romantic?

Just spice up your romance, here is how to make your bedroom romantic

A messy bedroom with improper lights always look bad. It is very important to make your bedroom beautiful, so that it always give you inner peace. So, all those who cannot afford an expensive room at the five star hotel for your anniversary, there are other economical budgets friendly alternatives. It’s perfect time to decorate your bedroom to stimulate a romantic atmosphere for you and your date just by keeping a few key things in mind. Here is how you can make your bedroom romantic.

According to various studies, bedroom is not just for sleeping. Making love requires an aura of intimacy. Although hotels are wonderful – seeing as they have room service and those adorable mints over your pillows – you can still have an amazing night in the comfort of your own home. It’s possible to make your room just like a five star hotel room.

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So, guys if you are planning to invite your partner at your place then keep these things in your mind to make your bedroom beautiful. Because it will show a different side of personality too.

Romantic rooms for romantic night
Romantic rooms for romantic night

Here, are some of the advantages of having romantic night at home:

Who says a romantic night in home is boring? You can save more and do more when you are in the comfort of your own home!

1. Privacy : One of the important rule of intimate moments that it require the utmost privacy. Beautiful public spaces cannot provide that privacy. Although hotels and resorts are ideal for privacy as well, you can never anticipate random occurrences like forgetting to put up the “Do Not Disturb”? sign or even worse.

2 Under-budget. It’s better to give your bedrooms a makeover instead of hanging out with your partner to a resort or expensive hotel places. This is because generally they are too expensive. Some of the best hotels for romantic get-togethers are usually expensive. Hotel rooms are not budget friendly. Your home is not only cozy and modifiable, but it is absolutely free.

3.Artistic freedom. This is most amazing point why you should plan a romantic night at your home. Generally hotels, resorts and rented homes are already furnished and set up when you arrive. But you can decorate your home for an evening with your loved one, you can arrange the furniture any way you like, set up mood lighting.

4. Dinner for two. Before going to bedroom it’s really important to make your partner comfortable. Cook a delicious dinner for your loved one and don’t forget to tune it with a bottle of wine. It will be a perfect candle light dinner.

5. No check-out time. If you select your home for the romantic night then there is no check out time. Anyone will want to spend as much time as they can with their loved one. If you spend a romantic evening at home, it would be nice not to have to wake up early or rush out of the room to avoid getting charged an extra night.

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6 Music. The less expensive hotels or those offer you services on cheaper rates do not have sound systems for their clients. Some even charge extra for it. No romantic night is complete is without some beautiful songs. You can definitely plan it at your home.

7 The morning after. If the night goes off without a problem, you can rest assured knowing that you can cook your date breakfast, offer them toiletries that are better than a hotel’s and even spend the whole day together without leaving the house. No rush- rush at all.

This is how to give your room a romantic makeover

Make your bedroom romantic. Create a perfect atmosphere so that you can express your feelings accurately. Here is how :

1 Proper lighting facility :There are different ways to spice up your bedroom, but the most important part of it is choosing the right type of light. Ever heard about ‘romantic lights’? You can use candles, but be sure to keep them away from flammable objects like the carpet, drapes, sheets and wooden materials.

2. Music :Choosing the right type of music is essential. People have different tastes in music, but some genres are effectively romantic for everyone. Put on some smooth jazz, R&B or deep house music. Smooth and soft songs often works well.

3 Scents. Choosing a romantic scent for your room is optional, but keeping it smelling clean is a must. Put away your laundry and remove any food in the bedroom. Use room perfumes.

4 Food. Do not set a three-course meal on your night stand. Just place a bowl filled with chocolates and strawberries for easy access. You can also opt for some whipped cream or honey for that added sweetness fix to your bedroom play.

5 Cleanliness. Very important keep your room clean as much as you can. Another mood-killer is a messy bedroom. You can not leave your laundry on the floor or your papers on the night stand. Do not leave open jars of beauty products or wet towels lying around. Not only is it a reflection of your character, but it is a very annoying distraction as well.

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