Lockdown se ho rahe hai Bore? Ideas to stay engrossed

Make your time quarantine fun – No more counting Tunkas

The Covid-19 outbreak has forced people from around the world to go into quarantine. But being stuck indoors is not an easy task. While people are dealing quarantine in their own way from counting Tunaks to their dog’s hair. Let’s make this covid-19 break a little productive. From reading and picking up indoor hobbies to cooking and keeping your immunity high let’s take a pledge to invest in this quarantine break in a productive manner.

Here are some ways to keep yourself entertained sitting at homes

1. Read Book

We all have been there when we wanted to finish the book. But in the daily hustle-bustle of working and trying to keep pace, we completely forget. Now, is the time to sit back and finish the book you always wanted to read.

2. Cook a fancy meal

With so much of time in your hands, you can cook your favourite meal. Cooking will help you feel nutritious as well as make you feel productive.

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3. Invest in yourself

This is the perfect opportunity to indulge in yourself and have a proper me-time. Put on a face mask, cut your nails, put on your favourite nail paint.

4. Learn a new language

For learning never goes out of style! With technology being on our fingertips make most use of it. Learn a new language during this break and feel proud of yourself.

5. Play an instrument

Pick up an instrument you haven’t played in a while or never had a chance to learn. Music keeps us calm and has a unique effect on our emotions.

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