How Jobseekers can make an impressive LinkedIn profile?

10 important things as a job seeker you should do on your LinkedIn profile

One of the major problems the people face is to have an account on LinkedIn that will make them more attractive for a job. The reason for having a LinkedIn profile is to make yourself more marketable and create your own personal brand. Here are some tips that every job seeker should keep in mind while making his or her LinkedIn profile.

Profile Picture

Have a picture that if professional and formal and yet welcoming.

Keep your profile updated

Now, even though this seems like a no brainer, people often fail to do this. The more updated you keep your profile, the more appealing you become.

Good Summary

The person, who is on your page, knows nothing about you and the summary is where you have to sell yourself. Pointers and highlighting go a long way. Try and include your achievements, strengths, weaknesses and make sure that it is an easy read.


Yes, this can be a huge deal-breaker. Make sure to double-check to avoid these mistakes.

Relevant words

Depending upon what you have done and what you are looking for, you should use relevant words.  Words that sell, are catchy and from a hiring- business point of view.

Past Experiences

Highlighting the work that you have done previously- your previous jobs, little descriptions about your role and responsibilities you had, help to create a better brand.

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Now, this cannot be emphasized enough. The main point of a LinkedIn profile is to network with people. Connect with companies, groups or people to increase your foundation. Don’t just add people for the sake of it, go through their profile as well and see if you find anything interesting.


The more good content you publish, the more visible you become. It can be a weekly or monthly exercise and try to focus on relevant topics.


Ask for Recommendations as they help to make a stronger base.

Maintain your image

Now, it is important to maintain your image throughout by keeping a check on what you post. Slangs, negative comments should be avoided. Your other social media profiles should also be tailored accordingly.

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