How to Create the perfect home gym?

Tips to create the perfect home gym

Starting up a home gym is an investment – an investment in yourself. Keeping fit is an investment in your health and self-image. Apart from the many health benefits associated with keeping fit, you also have a better self-image and feel more confident about yourself. Here is how to create the perect gym. Working out in commercial gyms is not for everyone. Some people prefer to and work better when they work at home. So, let’s work you through some steps in getting a great home gym with the help of Fitnessator’s blog which is a great resource for fitness enthusiasts.

Creating the perfect home gym

Just like starting up a business, there are a lot of choices of equipment and room to use in the home gym. You do not want to end up with an overcrowded gym filled with overhyped and overpriced gadgets. Two major things you should consider before starting a gym are your fitness goals (losing weight, gaining muscles or both?) and budget. You can check the Fitnessator’s blog for information on great exercise regimens when you have built your home gym. Here are some steps you can take to start your home gym

Get a spacious environment

Your home gym should be the biggest room in your house. You would most likely be storing lots of equipment in your home gym. Get as much space as you can. The amount of space you can get is a major restriction on the equipment you can get second only to your budget.

Design it well

You have to plan in advance where each equipment will be. Make a list of the basic equipment you want in your gym from working equipment like benches, weights, cardio machines and so on to storage equipment like weight racks. Try to plan where you will put all this equipment in advance. Take note of the floor, you can use quality flooring materials which prevent gym equipment from damaging the floor. Take note of the paintings on your walls and try as much as you can to make the environment conducive.
Now that, you have created your gym and planned your layout in advance, the next thing is to get the equipment you have planned for. This step is quite bulky so we will make it a section on its own.

Get an awesome gym rig

You have to optimize your space, costs, and quality when setting up your gym rigs. Thankfully, you have already done some planning and researched your costs. The equipment you buy will be based on your fitness goals which can be losing weight or gaining muscles; cost, and space you can afford. Let’s look at some basic equipment you need:

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Weight sets and plates

If you want to gain some muscles, this would be the building block of your exercises. Almost all bodybuilding exercises from bicep curls to bench presses require the use of weights. you will also need different weights as you need to experiment with different weights to get the best out of your exercises. Good quality and affordable weights like the Gold’s Gym 100-pound weight set. You can get more information on very good weight sets on Fitnessator’s blog.


Fitnessator’s blog has information on good benches for your workout routine. Benches are very important for many exercises. For example, it would be hard to do bench presses without a bench if not impossible. You have to consider a lot of things from adjustability of the bench, the amount of space it takes up and the maximum weight your bench can carry. Olympic benches, for example, are heavy duty benches which can carry an impressive amount of weight. Some benches are also adjustable and have great additional features for leg exercises. However, some of these features come with drawbacks such as a high price tag or low flexibility in the range of exercises you can perform. Check Fitnessator’s blog to know more about how these factors are important in your choice of a great bench; the best benches to get for your home gym and why these benches are the best.

Power rack

Though these items are quite pricey and may take up a good amount of space, they help you with a lot of exercises. They make a lot of exercises like bench presses and squats easier and safer. They also give you options for performing other exercises like pull-ups and dips depending on the design of the power rack. You also have to consider a lot of things when getting a power rack. However, we will leave you to check Fitnessator’s blog to find out what you should consider when getting a power rack and the best power racks for your home gym because we think they have loads of information about that over there.

Cardio equipment

these equipment are very important for warm-ups and cardio exercises. Cardio exercises are much better for people who want to lose weight than resistance exercises. Resistance exercises mainly help you gain muscles and prevent accumulation of fats. Cardio is shown by studies to be an important factor of weight loss in combination with a good diet. As with other equipment, you should check for the quality of your equipment. Can your cardio equipment carry your weight? Is it durable? There are so many cardio equipment options available such as Jacob’s ladders, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills and so on. You can check Fitnessator’s blog for more advice on cardio machines and the best cardio machines you can get for your home gym.

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