How to make a girl for fall for you in just few texts!

When it comes to liking someone, girls and boys have different perspectives. Guys usually fall for the sexual appearance of a girl. On the other hand for girls their feelings play a vital role.

Well, if you like someone and wants make her fall for you then it is not important to woo her from expensive gifts and dates. Few messages can help you boy!

How to make a girl for fall for you in just few texts!


So, here are the tips:

  • Text her when she is free because if she will be occupied by work then probably she would not respond to your message.
  • Fix a time for texting because this will eventually make her wait for your message.
  • Keep it short and simple because now- a- days everybody loves to keep it simple.
  • Don’t flirt with her all the time but if you get an opportunity don’t leave it.
  • Before you say a final goodbye on text, compliment her about her personality, looks that makes her feel good.
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