#My22BMI: How to keep your gut healthy?

My 22BMI, a digital health startup for your overall well being

They say ‘Health is Wealth’ but these days to be a part of wealthy set of people, we tend to ignore health. Real fitness and health are just confined to our social media posts. We are busy making money, endless meetings, late-night projects & uncounted e-mails all this has become a vivacious cycle. Amid all this, we forget about health until we see some red signs (dangerous). But remember human beings are selective, and we choose our ways. Choosing health is also in our hands. We can always make healthy choices. If you are also thinking to make a healthy move, you can stumble upon My22 BMI, a digital startup that works on Gut Health.  So, if junk food could be just a click away why not health?

Founded by Preety Tyagi My 22BMI helps you in your overall well being. Recently, we got a chance to sit down with Preety & understand the importance of Gut Health.

What do My22BMI offers?

My22BMI offers Intelligent Nutrition Advisory Services to help prevent and manage lifestyle diseases. The main idea to being healthy is not to go on a crash diet, but is to learn to form the right habits, eat the right food in the right proportion and at the right time all while having fun!

Why healthy gut can solve a lot of problems?

Gut health carries a unique philosophy. The company believes that most of the health issues arise from Alteration in people Gut Microbiome, in other words the health of our Digestive System.  My22BMI has tied up with India’s First and Only, Gut Microbiome Testing, Leucine Rich Bio, along with Diagnostics tie-ups.

What all packages My22BMI offers?

My22BMI offers different packages that can help you to keep your gut healthy. Here are a few packages, take a look:

1. Heart Healthy Plans

Targeting Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Health issues along with weight management.

2. Gut Healthy Plans

Digestive Health issues such as bloating, acidity, indigestion, low immunity, fatigue, frequent infections etc.

3. Hormonal Health Plans-

Hormonal Imbalances such as Thyroid, PCOS, Menopausal Health.

– Weight and Muscle Management- Weight and muscle tone up issues.

– Shine ON- Skin, Hair and Nail Health Plans

4. Mother and Child Nutrition

Prenatal nutrition, Post pregnancy weight loss, Post Natal Nutrition, Toddler’s Nutrition, Growing Child’s Nutrition, Teenager Nutrition, ADHD in children, childhood obesity, lack of concentration, etc.

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