How to keep kids engaged during lockdown? List of Brain Booster Activities

These might just work! You should try

Technology has completely changed every aspect of our society over the past few decades. From the way we work to the way we socialize and everything in between. One of the biggest differences that have been most noticeable is the change in the way that children play and interact with each.  Technology has taken over completely.

It is very difficult to take the kids out from the digital world, but as a parent it is important to limit the screen timing.

Here are few things that might keep kids away from phone. 

1.     A set of 18 brain teasers that will actually keep them interested unoccupied for a good while.

2.    A football table that’s as portable as it’s affordable. It will keep them always entertained.

3.    An indoor floating soccer ball that comes with net so that they can play at home even if they don’t want to go out.

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4.    A nerf gun that might take them want to play games in real life rather than sitting in front of a gaming console all day long.

5.    A huge jigsaw puzzle with thousand pieces that will keep them busy for “quite” a while.

6.    An adjustable table tennis net that fits most stable so that they have an impromptu game anytime without leaving a proper set up, all you need is a racket.

7.     A pet backpack and carrier basket that might convince them to leave their homes for a while and go explore the wonders of the world with their best buddy.

8.    A glass dip pen that will hit them with the urge to write everytime when they see it.

9.    A levitating pencil kit that will probably intrigue them enough to get them more into science stuffs.

10.   A game of “Filmie” that will be the perfect family game and will keep your loved ones entertained.

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