Delhi Rains: How to keep diseases at bay during monsoon?

Delhi Rains: How to keep diseases at bay? 

Heavy rain pounds Delhi. For the third straight day, Delhi woke up to strong showers and most of the parts of city waterlogged. The weather has become pleasant but the mess on the roads is unbearable.  Notably, at several places, commuters were stuck after the exit gates and entrance were flooded. Rains bring relief from the heat but it also brings a lot of diseases.  Here is how to keep diseases at bay during the monsoon? Everything from food to water can lead to serious health problems. Diseases like malaria, flu, cold, typhoid are common during this season. However, few precautions can help you to keep diseases at bay.

How to keep diseases at bay

1. Say Bye -Bye to Coffee

The tempting weather will not let you say bye -bye to coffee. But during monsoon, you should not consume the high amount of coffee.  It tends to reduce the fluid count in the body, which leads to dehydration.

2. Stay away from your Fav “Street Food”

It is very difficult to resist street food but one should stay away from it at all cost during monsoon season. Hygienic conditions go for a toss during monsoon. So, it is important to stay away from street food during this seasons. Otherwise, your body can get infected.

3.  Increase your intake of water

Increase your intake of fluid. This will help to keep your body hydrated. Also, always drink bottled water to keep infections at bay.

4 Serve it hot

Hot milk, hot tea, hot soup all will help you to fight infections. You can include them in your diet to keep diseases at bay.

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5 Use Mosquito repellent creams

Yes, the monsoon is the favorite season of mosquitos. It is advisable to use mosquito repellent creams during this season to prevent dengue and malaria.

6. Wash before you eat

Wash your hands as well as the veggies thoroughly before eating them. Else, you risk getting diarrhea or food -poisoning.

7. Vitamins will boost your immunity

Yes, it is important to include vitamins in your diet, especially Vitamin c because it will boost your immunity to colds and flus.


If you keep all these precautions in mind, rest assured, monsoon would not be able to do any harm to you, except get you wet. One important pointer to remember is – Always take shower after coming home to get rid of bacteria.

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