How to keep Dengue Mosquito away this season?

Few handy tips to keep Dengue Mosquito away this monsoon season

In 2016, India saw one of the largest outbreaks of Dengue with 1, 29, 166 reported cases from all around the country. Notably, most of the cases were reported during the season of Monsoon. During this season, the warm and the humid atmosphere along with water collected in open places provides an ideal condition for the growth of the dengue larvae.

Dengue Mosquito

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August and September are the months which provide ideal atmosphere to dengue larvae to grow. This year 28,702 cases of Dengue have been reported so far. Since August has already begun, it is important for all of us to stay careful.

We all know dengue spreads through mosquitoes and a mosquito can bite anyone. Even some celebrities have also suffered from Dengue.

Dengue was the reason behind the death one of the most celebrated directors Yash Chopra. We don’t have control over the disease but we can surely take some precautions.

How you can protect yourself from mosquitoes?

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If you really want to fight against dengue, then you have to start cleanliness campaign against it. If you want to save yourself and your family then you should focus on your surroundings like your home and your work place. We spend our most of the time at these two places.

So, here is what you should do?

1.Prevent water from collection: Mosquitoes can breed in only stagnant water. Just look at your premises, and check if there are any empty bottles, buckets, tires and vessels containing stagnant water. If you find it, then please overturn them. Don’t let a single drop of water.

2.Use Larvicides to kill the Larvae: If you have pools at your place, it could contain thousands of mosquito larvae and find it too unpleasant to overturn them. You can buy larvicides from your nearby medical store and drop them in such places.

3.Take care of Swimming Pool: If you have a swimming pool in your house or your society, then make sure that mosquitoes don’t get the time to enjoy it. But during the monsoon, mosquitoes breed faster than anything. So, all you have to do is to keep it clean.

4.Stay clothed: Mosquitoes are more likely to bite you anywhere like on your arms or legs. So always wear full pants and long sleeves shirts and tops to cover your body parts

5.Use Mosquito Repellents: Permethrin is one of the most popular and effective repellents that you can apply to your clothes. You can apply this stuff on your plants also to protect them. You can put these plants on your wall and due to these plants would avoid the entry of mosquitoes to your house.

All these steps can help you to keep dengue mosquito away from you. It won’t take much of your time. Be a responsible citizen and keep Dengue away from you and your family.

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