How to inculcate reading habit in your child?

Why it is important to inculcate reading habit in your child? 

In the social media age, people hardly read books, especially our younger generation. They have an easy access to the internet. A lot of times we find them chilling and watching shows on Netflix. In that case, it becomes difficult to make them understand the importance of reading. The habit of reading can do wonders to your child. There are so many benefits of reading books. But before that, you need to inculcate reading habit in your child, here is how?


How to inculcate reading habit in your child?

1.Start with Easy Books

If your child is young then a good way to introduce him/ her to reading is via illustrated books with plenty of graphics, pictures, and colors. Do not scare them away with some difficult books. Start with the easy and attractive one.

2. Read with your kid

Yes, read with you kid and try to observe their reading habit. Correct them when they make a mistake. Remember to read with them, not for them.

3. Discuss their likes and dislikes

Every now and then keep asking them about the book. Take their opinion. Ask them did they like the book or not? It will encourage them to read more books as they will feel happy that their opinion does matter.

4. Take them to Literature festivals

There are so many literature festivals that keep on happening in the city. Take your child to these festivals. This will not only help him or her to read books, but will also them to bond with other kids.

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5. Buy them new books

Firstly, try to figure out the genre that your child likes to read. Don’t let them read the books that they don’t like. Also, kids do not pay attention to a particular thing for a longer time. Their attention span is short. So, every month buy them new books instead of video games. This will motivate them to finish their previous book.

Reading books have a lot of benefits. Few of them are here, take a look

Benefits of Reading Books

1. Brain exercise

Our brain needs exercise to stay healthy and fit, just like all the muscles in the body. Reading keeps your brain sharp and it slows down the process of memory decline.  It also boost imagination power that is why it is important for kids.

2.  Peaceful sleep

Try to make your child read a book before he or she goes to bed. Reading just for ten minutes will contribute to a peaceful sleep. So, try to read with your child in the night.

3. Reading can make them empathetic

If your child is at a very young age, then he or she might not understand this right now. But regular reading can make your child more empathetic. When we read a book we empathize with emotions of the character and studies have proved that people get emotionally transformed by reading books.

4. Enriched Vocab

Regular reading contributes to enriched vocabulary. It can have a huge impact on your child’s writing and can also boost their self-esteem.

5. Break from Textbooks

Introducing your child to different books will give them break from their regular textbooks. It will be little entertaining for them and will also increase their concentration.

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