November Special: How to impress a Scorpion?

How to impress a Scorpion? Tips & Advice

When it comes to dating, the zodiac signs also play a significant role. It is good to know about the personality traits of your potential partner.  You cannot depend on zodiac sign to understand your partner’s personality but it can come really handy. Well, November is the month of ‘Stunning Scorpions’. Yes, they are a complete stunner when it comes to love and relationship. Dating a scorpion means a ride full of thrill and adventure. Mind you they aren’t always easy. It’s better to take your notes in advance so that you can be their heart forever! We have listed out 10 things that you will relate to if you are dating a Scorpion, take a look. And if you are planning to do so this will come really handy.


1. They love Privacy! Shouting about their Relationship status is just not a scorpion thing

If she or he doesn’t want to update their relationship status on social media that doesn’t mean they are cheating. Scorpions are extremely private and they love their private space.

2. They are brutally honest, they can’t help it

If you don’t have the guts to hear the truth, it’s better not to ask anything from your partner. If they will like your dress they will tell you if they don’t, then they will tell you.

3. Loyalty is in their blood!

You can’t doubt their loyalty. They are super loyal to their partners. So, if you are dating a scorpion you need to worry.

4. They are always Control – Only God knows how?

They are good at knowing their business and others too (Laughs) . But they actually know what to do and when to do. It means they are always in control and they take responsibility for their actions.

5. They are allergic to Liars!

If they say something they actually mean it. Scorpions are loyal to their partners and expect the same.  They are known for being the truth- seekers. So don’t dare you to lie!

6. They are sexier than anyone who you have encountered so far

If you fall for a scorpion, you will have a hard time going back to any other zodiac sign. They are passionate and sexier than anyone who you have encountered so far. They are going to rock your bedroom game too.

7. Scorpions are usually intolerant to immaturity

Scorpions are mature individuals and they expect the same from their significant other. Do not argue on petty issues with them. First, listen to them and then respond. They have zero tolerance for immaturity.

8. They take time to open up

It is a constant problem that a lot of people complain ‘My partner doesn’t discuss his/ her past with me’. You need to hold on! If they are not discussing their past with you that means they are looking for a fresh start. Scorpions take time to open up. Let the right time come, they will surely bare their heart.

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9. Scorpions like to take the lead so let them take it

They like to lead in every sphere. Be it deciding a place for your date, movie or even in the bedroom, scorpions are known for their dominating nature. Until or unless if you don’t have any ego issues let them take the lead.

10. They look for a meaningful relationship

There is no midway for scorpions. They are committed individuals and they value their relationships a lot. So if they have yes to you, then they are serious about you. Keep that in mind. A casual relationship is not their thing.

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