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How to get rid of Vaginal itching? Experts reveal useful tips

Here are a few causes and solutions of the recurring vaginal itching 

Has this ever happened to you when you decided to see a doctor because of irritation and vaginal itching.  It might be possible that you had taken treatment and healed from it too. However, if  it keeps coming back, you might be suffering from Vaginal itching. Here are a few causes, symptoms and treatment. Experts reveal useful tips to keep your vaginal hygiene  in check.

There could be various reasons behind recurring Vaginal itching. Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your vaginal hygiene.

Vaginal fungal infections

Vaginal fungal infections is the commonest cause of repeated itching in the vagina. Fungal infection in the vagina is usually associated with disturbing vaginal itching. It comes in spells with a lot of curdy discharge and a red sore burning vagina.


vaginal itching
Why does this fungal infection happen so often?

Fungal infection in the vagina does not come from the outside but from within you itself.  The vagina has several fungi and bacteria, which keep the area healthy. It remains balanced keeping the area healthy.  Now, for a reason, if this balance is disturbed or disrupted, then you might get a fungal or yeast infection.

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Causes of vaginal itching

Let us list out the causes for this balanced disruption or the disbalance.

1. Antibiotic use

2. Pregnancy

3. Uncontrolled diabetes

4. Low immunity

5. Certain medications like oral contraceptive pills

6. Staying wet for a long period. This is very common among Indian women because you often wash your Vagina with water.

7. Vaginal douching: Vaginal douching with a jet spray removes the normal healthy protective bacteria from the vagina.

8. Hot baths or hot tub baths

9. Use of perfumed sprays or bubble baths, or very harsh body soaps, or even excessive use of commercially available feminine products

10. Use of tight undergarments or even tight clothing.

What are the solutions for vaginal itching?

1. Do not go for overcleaning yourself 

Let your vagina clean itself. Do not clean it too much with water.

2. Keep your undergarments dry

Do not keep wearing wet undergarments. Even if you are using water to clean your vagina, damp it with a soft towel or a soft tissue for it to dry.

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3. Keep your immunity levels up

Keep your immunity levels up with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

4. Keep your sugar count level under control

If you are diabetic or your blood sugar is high, you need to keep controlling your sugar levels.

5. Get yourself diagnosed properly

Just because your friend had this problem and certain medications worked out for her, it does not mean that it will work out for  you too. Also, after consulting a gynecologist, if you are using certain medication and feel relieved, please ask them whether you can use it again or not. Certain medications, especially steroid ointments are meant for a very limited time. Overusing them could lead to more complications.

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6. Dry your undergarments in bright sunlight

Drying your panties or bra outside is not a shame. Therefore, you do not need to hand them in a corner, dark, hidden area. Make sure you give it proper sunlight preferably, the afternoon one. Otherwise, fungus sticking on your panties will not get killed and will give you trouble again.

 If you are getting a fungal infection more than 3 to 4 times a year, then you should consult your gynae. Sometimes your doctor may advise you to take the vaginal secretions or the vaginal discharge for testing.  Fungal vaginal infections are not sexually transmitted infections. But it can get transmitted from your partner through oral sex, penetrative sex because of the physical contract. So, make sure your partner gets adequately treated along with you.

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