How to get rid of ticks on dogs naturally?

How to get rid of ticks on dogs naturally? Do’s and Dont’s 

Ticks are bad news and they can make your dog seriously ill and can cause death in both dogs and humans. To keep diseases at bay, it is important to keep your dog tick-free.  Notably, ticks don’t fly. They patiently wait for their host and when your dog or puppy goes out near grasses or other vegetation they attack. They quickly climb up the hair, attach to the skin, and begin to suck the blood. Here are few tips to get rid of ticks on dogs naturally.


Season of ticks

Usually, this problem arises in the month of April – September. During tick season try to keep your dog indoors. They usually hide in thick vegetation.  You can use tick preventive products on your dog’s skin.  There are so many products available in the market. You can ask your Vet to recommend you the best product. You can always examine your dog, especially near the neck during tick season. Use a comb so that you can get an idea. Also, check inside his ears and eyes.

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To get rid of ticks naturally, here are a few steps that you can follow

1Use a pair of tweezers to grasp the head of the buck and then pull it gently.

2. Pull the tick gently and do not yank too quickly. If you will do it, you will leave a part of tick’s mouth behind. That could further infect your dog.

3. Kill the tick by putting it in the alcohol.

4.Wash your hands and  use cotton to clean dog’s tick bite area

5. Save the dead tick in a resealable bag, labeled with the date on which the tick was found. This is a little weird but if your dog becomes ill, you may need to identify the species of tick that bit him.

If your pet becomes ill and you recently found a tick on him, look for Veterinarian attention immediately. Most -tick-borne diseases could become fatal if not treated well.

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