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How to Get Over High Relationship Expectations?

Are Your Relationship Expectations Unrealistic?

Be honest – who hasn’t dreamt of finding the perfect match or meeting someone who lines up exactly with our couple goals? It’s normal to have some relationship expectations about what you want from a partner. These hopes and expectations can guide us when we’re dating or when we’re looking for the best online dating sites for us. However, it’s important to remember that our expectations are not always realistic.

Relationship Goals Expectations vs Reality

When it comes to unrealistic expectations, the demands we make on our partners can start to hinder us in love. After all, what if the perfect person doesn’t come along and we have to settle for someone who’s just human, like us? No relationship is perfect, and it’s important to balance relationship expectations and relationship quality. Here are some signs that suggest you’re asking too much from love!

6 Signs You Set Your Relationship Expectations Too High

1.      You Think Love Means No Conflict

When you ask people ‘what are relationship expectations that you hold,’ many will say that perfect couples never disagree. The idea of the soulmate suggests that your partner is your true match. If this is the case, it makes sense that they would always take your side. Right?

Wrong! Good couples fight – not all the time – but certainly some of it. Relationships require work, and solving conflicts in a healthy way is a big part of that. If you run at the first sign of conflict, you could be cheating yourself out of great future relationships.

2.      You Want Permanent Passion

Are you going to dress up sexy every night and put on a show for your partner? Hardly so. Sexual chemistry is essential in the early stages and can be a foundational aspect of a great relationship. However, over time, it’s natural that this initial passion fades and is replaced by things like comfort and intimacy. If you expect constant fireworks, you could be disappointed.

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3.      You Expect to Get Everything From Your Partner

It’s quite normal for couples to disappear into each other a bit at the start of a relationship. However, it’s important to maintain your own lives and not to rely on each other for everything social. Humans need social interaction from a diverse variety of sources. Expecting your partner to give you all of that is too much and can overwhelm or stifle them. Make time for friends and family, and remember to give each other space.

4.      You Expect Your Partner to Read Your Mind

Your partner may love you and know you better than anyone else in the world, but they still can’t read your mind. Sometimes, in relationships, we forget that our partner is a separate individual. We still need to communicate our feelings to them. If you think you shouldn’t have to do that with a partner, you may have to realign your relationship expectations.

5.      You Think They Will Fix Your Problems

A relationship does not mean the end to all your problems and worries. Relationships can be a great source of support, but they certainly aren’t the end of life’s woes. In fact, even the best relationships can bring struggles of their own. Instead of expecting a trouble-free life, try and see these challenges as things that will make you a better person. Dealing with strife in a healthy relationship can make you more empathetic, compassionate, and more fulfilled.

6.      You Always Want to Be Top Priority

If you’re wondering how not to have expectations in a relationship, a good way to start is to adjust your mindset when it comes to priorities. Many of us create relationship drama for ourselves when we expect to always come first. Of course, you should always be a priority, but expecting to be the priority at all times is unrealistic. Your partner will have other investments and commitments throughout their life, and sometimes your role is to support them in that.


So, how to deal with high expectations in a relationship? One tip is to stop trying to control everything. You can’t predict what a great relationship will look like until you’re in one. Try to relax and enjoy love as a journey. It’s not about being perfect!

Final Call: How do you deal with high relationship expectations? Have you ever felt like partners expected too much of you or vice versa? Share your stories in the comments!

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