How to get Chiseled Jawline?


8 Simple ways to get Chiseled Jawline

The first thing people notice about someone is his/her face.  It is not surprising that as a society we are occupied with the desire to look good.  Knowingly or unknowingly, we often judge people on the basis of their looks. Research says that women are more attracted to men who have a strong, masculine and chiseled jawline.

Well, not everyone is born with a strong commanding jawline.  It depends on several genetic factors.  The shape of the face develops as men and women age. Jawline might become less defined if there is extra fat on your neck or jaw area, even the muscles around the jaw area might begin to shrink.

While we can’t fight genetics or ageing, but there are some things that we can do improve the look of our jawline. Jaw might get defined look if we exercise the jaw muscles. There are other ways apart from exercising jaw to give Tom Hardy or Henry Cavill a hard time when it comes to a chiseled jawline.

  1. Exercise for  your jaw muscles

Neck Curlup, Collar bone backup, Tongue twister, Vowel sounds, Chinup are some of the exercises you can try to sharpen your jawline. You don’t need any equipment to do these exercises. Most of the exercises can be done while you are working in your office sitting in front of a computer or attending a lecture in college.

  1. Smile more

A smile comes more naturally to a few people than others but we must tell you that the smile comes with loads of benefit.  More you smile more your face will look better and tighter. The simplest thing you can do to have a perfect jawline is smiling. It tones up your facial muscles and extends your cheekbones. Apart from exercising your face, it also enhances your mood. So try it!  It might feel mildly uncomfortable but by the end of each rep, you should feel a slight burn

  1. Make a fish face

To get a tighter jawline and cheekbones make a fish face.  Suck in your cheeks from inside and start smiling. Keep your fish face for 5-8 seconds and keep repeating it through the day.  Of course, avoid doing it when you are posing for a camera.

  1. Drink plenty of Water

We don’t need to put in records that drinking water has lots of benefits, you already know it. But still, many of you don’t drink it because you want to open the washroom’s door every now and then. Great things come from sacrifices, so like Guruji said “Balidaan Dena Hoga”, sacrifice the unwillingness of not going to washrooms.  Drinking water doesn’t just improve your overall health but also aids in weight loss and improved energy throughout the day. The surplus moisture will improve the circulation throughout your face. However, drinking a lot of water does not directly benefit your jawline.

  1. Consume less salt in your diet

Salt is probably the most used ingredients in our modern diet.  It does terrible things to our body.  Minimize the use of salt in to have positive benefits for your skin.  Less salt will result in more water in your skin which will increase chances of the appearance of your jawline.

  1. Start Chewing Gum for chiseled jawline

In India, people who chew gum are often credited as a smoker so some people don’t chew it for not getting identified as a smoker.  Don’t think about those judgemental and Trust me!  Chewing Gum is one of the best-known and easiest ways to improve your jawline.  Chewing gums are a fun thing to do and it doesn’t take a lot to make it bring this in your habit. It sharpens up your facial muscles and keeps your cheekbones working.

  1. Grooming to suit your jaw

Not all of us are born with chiseled jawline, but growing a beard might add more grace to your face. If you already keep a beard, then make sure that your salon guy has ensured a proper trim which magnifies your face features. Beard tends to make your face look smaller by contrasts.  If you have a big face, then keep a larger beard and if you have a small face then you should keep your beard short and trim. Don’t let your beard stay without a trim for more than a week.  The errant hair of beard demolishes the proportion and shape of the face.

One common mistake we all make is that we trim the neckline too high mostly matching the arc with the jaw.  High neckline makes your jaw look weaker and less defined. If you are so in love with a high neckline, then grow the beard lower than you usually do. Keep the line well-defined and well-maintained.

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  1. Take care of the skin

Acne and pimples are easy killers of hopes of a strong jawline.  Regularly moisturize your skin, use good skin toner or cleanser to increase collagen production in your face. This will increase the possibility of a chiseled jawline.

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