How to get a blue tick and verify your Facebook account in simple steps


A complete guide with some powerful tips to get blue tick on facebook

Getting verified on Facebook is an astonishing way to establish a company, brand or individual. Both the big brands and local businesses can be verified on the platform. The verified badge lets your audience know that you are real. The blue or grey verified badges and will help your page show up higher in search results so potential customers can easily find your business.

You will get some powerful tips to increase the probability of getting verified, which verification badge is right for your business and also how you can apply for a verified image.

Types of verification badges

You need to apply for the right badge as there are two types of Facebook Verification badge. If you are a media company, public figure, or a large brand, you can apply for a blue badge. If you are a local or smaller business or organization, you can apply for the gray verification badge. If you have different branches of your business and have a Facebook page for each, you can ask for gray verification badge to Pages for specific locations or branches.

Powerful tips which will help you get verified on Facebook

1. Your Facebook account or page should be an official representation of your brand. Share on-brand content to your page and remove anything that could harm your chances. Don’t use personal posts, low-quality images or off-brand logos. Content must be professional-looking-copy. There shouldn’t be any spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar or capitalization. Avoid anything that doesn’t fit your brand voice.

2. Keep the company information up to date. Facebook will review it and validate it before they hand you the badge. So, email, website, bio, and the description should be always updated.

3. Keep your Facebook page updated with a link to your business like websites. The website should also be linked back to the Facebook page. It will increase your chances of getting verified.

5. Do give as many details as you could. The rule of (the more, the better) works here. Put the address, other social media handles mission statement, phone numbers, and a company overview.

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Process for Facebook verification

You can verify your page or account in just six simple steps:

1. Go to the settings on Facebook app or website and from the general menu, click Page verification selection.

2. Click on Verify this page, then get started.

3. Facebook offers two modes of the verification process. One is instant and the other is a more detailed one. For the Instant process, you just need to give Facebook permission of calling your phone number that is listed on your page. They will send an OTP. Enter the OTP and then you are done.

4. If you chose the more detailed option, you will need to click on Verify this Page with documents instead. Facebook will ask you to upload the photo and official documents that have the name of your business’s name and address.

5. Once Facebook receives your validation, it will be reviewed. They will then confirm if your request has been denied or approved.

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