5 Simple tips to fall in love with your work: Burst the Stress

How to burst Stress at work?

We are living in a world where making good money is everything. People work hard to make money. A lot of us put extra hours to be the best at work. Competition is really high. In that case, it becomes really important to prove mettle at our workplace. Sometimes while juggling between personal life and professional we forget about our health.  That results in stress. Here are 5 simple tips to burst stress at work and fall in love with it.

Learn to set boundaries

Okay! You have a big responsibility on your shoulders and your team needs you. But it should not take a toll on your health. Work is worship but personal happiness matters. It’s hard to draw the line but it is not impossible. Once you will learn it. Trust us, you will be at peace. In short, “ Kaam uthna karo ki kaam ho jaaye, kaam itna mat karo ki kaam tamaam ho jaaye.”

Start with the difficult

There are stuff that we all hate doing. The best remedy to keep stress at bay is to start from the most difficult task. Write those boring reports or anything that sucks. At the end of the day, you will feel that your task has been accomplished.

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Greet your colleagues

You spend a lot of time with them. Of course, work is work but warm equation with your co- workers can keep you motivated. Helping your co-workers and involving in a brainstorming session can instantly burst your stress.


There could be 100 things on your plate but you won’t able to finish if you will not prioritize. It is important to set goals and prioritize your work to meet your targets.  Give ratings to your projects and then start working on them.

Planning is important

Work Ahead because this is the need of the hour. Make your schedule in your advance and try to stick to it. When you will be running after behind everything, then you will feel stressed. Work ahead of the deadlines, not on the deadlines.

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