Golden rules for a happy couple that you should know! 

To happily ever-after: How to maintain that?

Marriage is one such decision that changes the lives of two indiviuals at once. Being in a relationship means you are making a lifetime promise to someone to be there through thick and thin, high and low, sharing ups and downs till death separate you both.

A healthy relationship is built on respect and involves both people having trust, compromise and an understanding for each other, where both the people are comfortable being in the company of each other. Commitment needs an effort from both the partners to make it happen.

Here are 5 rules which will lead you to enjoy your married life to the fullest

1.    Try not to be angry at the same time

There will be few things that will badly affect you, instead of getting angry try to calm and try to sort out the difference politely. If your partner is angry with you, do not be rebellious  and become more arrogant.

2.    Never bring up the mistakes of the past

Everyone commits mistakes knowingly or unknowingly.Keep this in your heart and mind that whenever both of you are fighting don’t bring your partners past mistakes. If you have something related to it in your mind, say it then and there. Never forget this ultimate rule for a happy marriage life.

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3.    Compliment each other

Your life partner who loves you and whom you love deeply must know that he/she is being appreciated to be in your life. Never forget this , that you both share the same lives, neither your life is nothing without each other. Do say lovable words every now and then and cheer up your partner’s mood.

4.    Criticize, lovingly

Nobody in this planet is perfect. It is Obivious you won’t like few things about your partners but say it lovingly. You should always know how to criticize someone. When you say something with love things becomes better.

5.    Never go to sleep with an unsettled argument

Getting more love from the person you love is something you can not describe in words. Conflicts are good as they show love and care for that person. No matter how much you fight, never go to sleep with a heavy heart.

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