How to eliminate and deal with vagina pimples?

Cure Vaginal Pimples and eliminate them with few Specific Oil

Don’t get panic when you find a pimple down there. It is a very common issue in females. Pimples could be anywhere on your body like your back, chest, butt, and vagina. It is only because your skin produces more oil and blocks the pores, and due to its oil glands and pimples happen. It leads to the expansion of bacteria that causes skin disease. Though it is not serious, it’s an embarrassing downside.

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Here’s why you get pimples on your sex organs and the way to deal with it:-

How to deal with it?

Vaginal pimples are sometimes caused due to redolent female wipes, condoms or lubricants. You can also get vagina pimples owing to perspiration. Waxing or use of a razor to induce eliminate the bush can give you vaginal disease or vaginal pimple. Sometimes, it can cause ingrown hair. Moll scum contagious, which is a viral infection, can also cause acne.

What are the treatments available for vaginal pimples?

Vaginal pimples usually take some time to heal, so don’t panic at all. Go and meet your doctor if the pimples are causing you more than a minor irritation.

The doctor can prescribe you some topical medication. It is necessary to keep your sex organ clean and dry as wet surroundings is ideal for infection inflicting bacterium. Wash your vagina with a gentle soap and use a soft towel to dry yourself. It’s advisable to use a gentle medicated soap for that specific area.

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Remedies to eliminate the vagina pimples:-

• You can use tea tree oil to eliminate the skin disease. This volatile oil has antifungal and medicinal properties in itself. All you have to do is to mix an equal portion of tea tree oil and olive oil, and then you pick a cotton ball and use it to apply the mixture on the affected area.

• Lavender oil is also an excellent remedy for vaginal acne. Thanks to its antiseptic properties. Take two teaspoons of lavender oil and add some drops of almond oil. Mix it well in equal portion and use an ear bud to use the oil mixture on the affected space. Don’t try to use these essential oils on sensitive skins and undiluted because it will cause skin burns.

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