How to Deal with Unfair Feedback at Your Workplace

How can criticism from managers with no real argument be dealt with

Criticism is a part of work culture. If you are being criticized, it doesn’t mean you don’t know your work but that there is a discrepancy in what your manager wants and what you are serving, and for that, guidance and criticism are important. But, there can be instances that you have been getting criticism that either doesn’t belong to you or is unfair, so in that case, is the ideal you expected to take that criticism without any thoughts. Well, in a workplace, especially in bigger setups, the managers and the employees at a higher position gets the criticism for their team, and then the team gets the criticism the manager received. While constructive managers always try to not throw away their frustration and sound irrational to the employees, yet, there can be instances that they come out to give away irrational feedbacks.


Here are a few things to suggest what you should be doing with the unfair feedback at your workplace


Remain Calm

At the moment, when you have been getting the criticism, hear out your criticism with a calm and open-minded state. Hear them out calmly, without letting things affect your mental state of mind. Where we know, negative, and unfair criticism can make you be disappointed and frustrated, you got to hold yourself to listen to what your manager is saying.


Think Rationally

Have a rational approach to your criticism. Now that you have heard the manager, there is a chance that criticism is all unfair or maybe some part of it is unfair. Sit with yourself and think about it and make points for yourself.


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Decide what should you be doing now –


– Don’t get into self-doubts

If you are getting criticism, it is fairly fine to get them. Don’t dwell on self-doubts. Instead, make your points to put in front of your manager to work out a solution.


– Don’t get involved emotionally, and decide if to respond or not

Don’t take your criticism in an emotional manner. There shouldn’t be emotions involved in deciding for your next step to act upon your criticism. If you feel that the criticism came in the heat of the moment, don’t exaggerate it. But if you will involve yourself in it emotionally, you might start taking it as a personal attack and end up being hurt.


– Confront if necessary

There can be chances that you would be needed to talk to your manager about the criticism you have received. Well, there is no harm in having a decent conversation. Confront your manager, tell him the points in a polite and diligent manner so that they can understand your side of the story without any glitch.


Maintain your self-esteem for yourself

Don’t lose your worth for the criticism that comes to you as unfair. Anything that you think is not for you, and you don’t deserve, talk that out for yourself, for your self-esteem as you truly deserve it.


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