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How to Deal with Sexism at Workplace?

From boss to coworkers, people do pass sexist comments. Here is how to deal with Sexism at Workplace

Can you recall a time when a woman was not chosen for a particular task at your workplace because she is a ‘woman’? It can be any small or big task, as simple as looking into the technical glitch in their computer or looking after the accounts. But that does exist at your workplace, right? And we wonder how hysterical the women must have felt with this sexism at the workplace. So, dear women, who are being been certainly facing this, and are done with the sexist comments at work, this piece is for you. And obviously, this article, me or you can really take away the sexism at your workplace from roots in one go, but here is what you can do to deal with sexism at the workplace.

Sexism at workplace
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But before we move forward, you need to see what type of sexism is existing in your workplace

Casual Sexism – This sexism is the one that remains unnoticed and un-pointed. It is trivial and one that has no intent to harm anyone but being a woman can leave the community with certain subtle feelings of alienation. The instances can be just as simple as when your boss or colleague treats you in a different way just because you are a woman, and there is nothing wrong in what they are doing but is discriminatory.

Overt Sexism – This is the sexism of serious type, the one that can’t be overlooked. This can shape in the form of the gender pay gap, not promoting women to hold leadership positions, normalizing harassment, etc and the nature of them is not something tolerable. This, when done consciously or subconsciously is a form of overt sexism and is really damaging for the community of women-staff of an organization.

So, what can be done? How to Deal with Sexism at Workplace?

1. Give them chance to explain what they mean by their comment, perhaps by pretending you didn’t get it

Well, for casual sexism, this is what you can do. Calling out a sexist person, as ‘Sexist’ might not be a very good idea if casual sexism is your case but not questioning is also not an option. If you ask them about their meanings of the comment, it might put them in a position where they could rethinking about what they said.

2. Don’t settle for the double standards

Sexist people can’t really accept when and how they are sexist easily. Where there can be instances where they are supporting women, there can be subliminal instances where they are not doing so. It can be as simple as asking the male staff to drive the car and not the female one. This double standard is not something you must be settling for. Call out such double standards in a decent and understandable manner, as it also counts for casual sexism.

3. Look for gender-equal allies and other people with the same experiences

The gender-equal allies would be in the best position to comment upon the sexism existing. You must look for other people in the organization who are facing the same trouble. Ask them how they are feeling if they have similar experiences, how they are reacting to them. And if there are multiple instances of such sexism, consulting the HR department would not be wrong.

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4. Don’t Hesitate from reaching out to the HR

Well, HR is there to hear you out. To solve your problems. Tell them about your experiences, the problems you are facing with the sexism around, in the workplace, and ask them for a workable solution.

5. Speak up is never wrong. Especially when it is overt sexism

Many women fear form speaking up, obviously because they fear their jobs being at stake. But speaking up is never wrong. If the person has done something hurtful, they are the ones who should be paying for it. So, don’t fear speaking up.

So, these are some tips on how you can deal with sexism at your workplace. Tell us about your experiences of sexism at your workplace in the comments.

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