How to deal with Menopause

Menopause is a natural phenomenon in women and mostly hits them in their 50’s. It is a gradual process that occurs due to the decline of estrogen. (Estrogen is a hormone that plays an essential role in growth of women’s sexual characteristics such as breast development. It also regulates the menstruation cycle and reproductive system). Menopause can also hit at early stages causing ‘Premature Menopause’. This situation is often rare but can happen due to premature ovarian failure.

How to deal with Menopause- one world news

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Reasons for Menopause vary from Woman to Woman. It may happen due to a disease like Thyroid or due to a habit like smoking. If a woman is suffering from some type of cancer or has undergone ovary removal surgery then also she may undergo Menopause.

Menopause can have profound effects on body; it can cause many physiological reactions like memory loss, weight gain/loss etc. but various treatments are available for it. Before addressing the problems with treatments, it is very important to understand the symptoms of Menopause:

• Drastic change in Menstrual cycle
• Sleeping Disorders
• Sweating in the night
• Frequent urination
• Depression and mood swings
• Hair fall
• Vaginal Dryness

How to deal with Menopause- one world news

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Apart from menopause there is also a rare condition faced by few women called post menopause. This is a situation where a woman misses out on her periods for an entire year which in turn results in a higher risk of heart diseases in women.

Menopause brings physical and emotional changes in women and to cope with them these simple steps can be followed:

Include omega 3 in your diet: Omega 3 is known as a mood stabilizer and including this in your food can be really helpful. You can include flaxseed or fish which are good sources of omega 3

Morning exercise: A healthy lifestyle is really helpful to avoid the effects of Menopause.

Use vaginal moisturizer for the dryness: Best way to ease vaginal dryness is to use water based moisturizer. Don’t use soap or a scented toilet paper as it can cause irritation in your vagina.

If you are a coffee addict or a smoker try avoiding them or slowly reducing their consumption.

Try to drink warm milk before sleep: During menopause women are not able to sleep properly so they should take warm milk before they go off to sleep for a better nap time.

How to deal with Menopause - one world news

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While going through menopause many changes can be seen and felt in the body. So, rather than taking them lightly one should consult their doctor.

“I am 40 and going through Menopause due to which my sleeping hours have got disrupted. While talking to some of my friends, I found it to be quite common. But eventually, it was very difficult for me to cope-up with the situation and I had to resort to medication. However, it has helped me to a great extent”, says Rohini Verma

“Menopause can even decline sex drive in women. This is very common and many women ask me about this. There can be a lot of reasons, it can happen due to low estrogen, due to vaginal dryness that can make intercourse painful or due to slow blood circulation. To resolve this problem you can talk to the experts”, says Dr. Ritu Aggarwal, Gynecologist.

Hormone Replacement is another procedure that can help ward off the problems associated with Menopause. Many women opt for it but are often unaware about its pros and cons:

“Many doctors recommend taking estrogen and progesterone, known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It involves taking estrogen plus progestin which are hormonal contraceptives. Estrogen can also be taken alone which is commonly called ERT. It can be taken in different forms like pills, creams or through vaginal inserts. Yes, they relieve the symptoms of Menopause but their long term usage can be harmful”, says Ritu Aggarwal

So, if you are suffering from any of the above said problems then it is time for you to visit your doctor as searching for a solution on Google or going with the advice of a friend that might have worked for her, can be dangerous for you. As we say that every human being is different, his or her requirements are different too. So consult your Gynecologist and find the solutions to the problems faced by you for a happy menopause.

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