How to deal with commitment phobic partner?

How to deal with commitment phobic partner?

Signs to know your partner has commitment issues

How to deal with commitment phobic partner?:- Being in a relationship is totally a magical feeling. One gets a personal satisfaction and security while being with a partner.

Relationships and breakups are now more often and the main reason behind this is commitment phobia. Surely, you people can easily relate to this word. Are you afraid of making a real commitment to your relationship?

Use these 10 signs to know if you or a lover is experiencing the fear of commitment.

1. Do you get cold feet each time you find yourself getting addicted or dependent on someone? Or you are happy being in a relationship but not happy being married to your long term partner.

2.A new romance may bloom like a fairy tale, but just when it starts to get serious and nears the happy ending, we panic!
And we begin to wonder if we’re actually ready to commit to something more serious.

3.What is the fear of commitment?

Fear of commitment is actually a guy thing but females are also prone to it. To define it, the fear of commitment is the fear of enteraing into a long term relationship or the fear of getting married.

How to deal with commitment phobic partner?
Commitment Phobia

4.If you feel any emotion other than some form of happiness, when you think of marrying your lover, you are probably suffering from the fear of commitment.

5.Power of evolution: Romance needs to evolve or one of you may get attracted to someone else. Sexual intimacy has to evolve or one of you may lose interest in
having sex with the other.

Why people are afraid of commitment?

Biggest reason why people refused to commit because they don’t want to change at all.

You may be afraid of change, you may be unsure of what could happen in the future, or it could be just about any other reason associated with change.

10 signs you are looking for excuses

#1 One life

#2 The fear of the end of the relationship

#3 The lack of sexual variety

#4 There is still so much you want to achieve

#5 You are perfect just the way you are This is a great excuse

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