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3 Mantras to keep period problems at bay!

How to Keep Period Problems at bay

Periods are no more just a biological phenomenon, but has turned into a nightmare for every woman. We face upside down change in our life during that phase which hampers our schedule. We just need to go normal during periods. There are ways which can help us defeat period problems. Let us know “The Mantra of Three”:-

1. Mental State

The most commonly faced problem by women is hormonal changes they go through during periods. Anxiety, frustration, and anger are dawned upon us during the major blood loss. This phase of a woman is termed as the untamed phase because of the behavioral changes people notice in most women during periods. Even the warmest “Hi” to a woman during this phase can turn her to the goddess of wrath. But, this sudden shift is causing a lot of problems in both the personal and professional lives of many women. This situation can be tackled in certain ways like some repetitive deep breaths and conquer the working of the mind which is probably the toughest. This can be achieved when you repeat certain terms or slogans to yourself like “Keep Calm, you CAN do it” or “Don’t Panic”.  Once you get the control of the shift even the worst can’t bother you.

2. Lifestyle

It is been observed in most women that their lifestyle changes for at least those 6-7 days. The life pattern changes to lethargic, dull and colorless. Women prefer to stay home and just do nothing which is probably incorrect as you are training your body in the wrong way. Let yourself be the same and do not compromise with what you like rather give yourself a treat with tons of delicious savories. Menstruation is surely not a phase to compromise with your elegance and style statement.

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3. This Pain has no Gain

The grievous pain of periods has to do nothing with your glory. People say this pain defines your womanhood but if this is the case, then do we flourish just for those 6 days? No, our persona and space we occupy in this society define us who we are. There are many myths about period pain that we shouldn’t try to heal it. Well, it is good to avoid painkillers but there is always a scope for home remedies. One should try to take Luke warm water and use a hot water bag in the lower back region. Also, food rich in omega-3, vitamin D and magnesium heals the cramps. Daily exercise or a little yoga can do wonders in pain relief.

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