How to concentrate better during exams? Here are few tips!

How to concentrate better during exams?

Simple Hacks for better concentration

How to concentrate better during exams? :- Students burn midnight fuel every year to pass their board exams with flying colors, but most of them complain about the poor concentration during exams. There can be numerous reasons behind it like technology, friends or even low energy. As exam season is round the corner, we are here to help you. Here are few simple tricks, which will help you to concentrate better.

Fresh Fruits are the ultimate mantra for better concentration

According to a nutritionist, consuming fresh fruits and vegetable salads and doing breathing exercises while studying can help students in a long way to concentrate better during their study sessions.

How to concentrate better during exams?
Deep Breathing Exercise
  • Foods like baby corn, oats, wholegrain bread and Paneer, among many others, have complex carbohydrates that release glucose slowly and provide the body with energy over a longer period, said one of the nutritionist.
  • For a midnight snack, make a sandwich of some fresh veggies. It will not only bring down your hunger but will also act as a fuel, helping you to carry on with your study session, nutritionist added.
  • Walnuts and almonds, soaked in water overnight, can be eaten in the morning; however, one should have fruit juices while studying.
  • In addition to all this, chocolate milk and lassi are also helpful in providing the body with necessary calories.
  • Hours of sitting and studying remains the same ultimately causing muscle cramps.
  • For this doctors have advised light exercises and frequent deep breathing method.

Keep the windows of the room that you are studying open for effective ventilation.

One should also take short breaks and indulge in deep breathing exercise at regular intervals. While doing this, you can always revise what you have learnt so far.

According to the doctors, aerated drinks, fried chicken and potatoes, cheese and such junk food harm the body and should be avoided, especially during the exam time. The high sugar content in these junk food affects concentration while the excess calories result in lethargy.

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