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How to combat common Gender stereotypes that rule our society?

Common Gender Stereotypes of a society and how to combat them?

 The single problem with multiple drawbacks

We all must have heard people saying that women take time in getting ready or Irish people are all drunk or women are bad drivers. Why do people say these things? Is it a fact? No, it’s a stereotype. The stereotype is a set of predetermined ideas, especially which are wrong. It is called wrong not because a group of people follows them but due to the illogical reasons behind their formation. People follow them because it’s true according to them and wants to impose on others too.

Gender Stereotypes in society
Gender Stereotypes in society

Effect is widespread

Stereotypes can affect everyone who is forced to or follow by their own will. It hinders the growth and development from small scale to large scale and can spread to a greater extent.

Gender stereotypes affecting the growth of Child

If a girl enters the school covered in pink from head to toe, she will pass unnoticed but if the same thing is done by a boy, he will have to face humility as people will start staring him.

The above situation is a case of a gender stereotype. Till date, there has been no legit information which describes different colors for a different gender. As people say pink is color preferred by girls and if used by boys, they’ll have to face the humiliation and taunts. Justified by the definition, it is set by the people without taking into consideration the legit and illegit reasons behind it.

Ever wondered why even children consider the differentiation between the colors like the most common one is the blue and pink?

They inherit the habits from their parents, the typical ‘moms’ and ‘dads’. The question arises, how the children can be prevented from the typical or traditional stereotypes?

To help your children staying away from the stereotypes you have to start acting in the untraditional ways like the case with the toys and on a higher level the parents can exchange their household chores like dad can cook the food and mother can do the other stuff.

When children face gender stereotypes, they can raise questions on themselves and a maximum number of times it has a negative effect on their mind.

Women affected by the Stereotyping

Women are affected by the discrimination they have to face in every field and behavior whether it’s attitude and expectations from them. There have been reports that women are always regarded as subordinate to men and they are just responsible to handle the labor work of the house, and this is the reason behind the poverty of women, especially in India.

Sexual harassment at workplaces is also an issue which is very common but still, no effective measure has been taken against it.

Women with full-time jobs earn 77 percent of the total earned by the male counterparts’ earning. Till date, women of Saudi Arabia were prevented from driving cars and doing work.


Let us pledge to encourage the women irrespective of their color, caste, work, or any sort of background so that we can improve the quality of living in the coming future rather than just increasing the number of people.

Stereotyping can become a hindrance at every place where the development can happen,  starting from the individual to the whole nation.

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