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How To Clear Your Past Karmas by BK Shivani?

What you do today will account for your tomorrow.


Karma has always played a crucial role in our life. Whatever that happens to us today is in some way a consequence of your past Karma. Every human today wants to clear their past karmas thinking it’ll lead to a better life.

Deleting past karmas or clearing your past karmic account is not enough to live a happy life. Karma of your life plays a critical role in this as well. What you do today will account for your tomorrow.


How to get rid of bad karma?


Whatever that comes your way is a result of your actions of the past. Whatever you do today becomes a determinant of your future sufferings.

Once a family had a single boy child. He was pampered and loved by his parents a lot. The father of the son was filthy rich. One day while returning from school, he was kidnapped by some people.

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past karma


Even though the family was ready to sacrifice everything in exchange for their child, the kidnappers had a different plan. Their child was brutally killed by the kidnappers.

Anyone in such a situation would be shattered and in extreme angst. The family, however, had a different mindset. Even when they had a reason to be rebellious, they chose to keep calm. They thought what happened to them is a consequence of their past karma. The kidnappers will be punished and penalized by the law of the country, but they did not wish to keep any grudge or negative feelings to themselves.

It is how karma works. You think what is happening to you is wrong, or we often say, “Why is this happening to me?”

The reality is that everything that happens to us today is a loan we are paying for our previous mistakes.

Today, we create negative thoughts, grudges, and rebel, even if the other person did a petty thing wrong.


How To Get Rid Of Bad Karma From Past Life?

No one wants to live with a bad karmic account. Each human wants to clear the negative karmic debt. We cannot go back to our past life to clear our karmic debts. However, we can make sure we do not create bad karma in our present life.

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BK Shivani has very well explained ways to clear our past life karma. According to her, we should not let our past karma ruin our present situation. She has well exemplified and explained many ways in which you can get rid of past karma.

1. Let Go

The first way to clear past life karma is to be calm and peaceful when something wrong happens to you. Instead of shouting, taking revenge, or creating anger, do this. Sit silently, and think of the person who did you wrong. Visualize the person in your mind and say,


“I am sorry for what I had done in the past to you.”


This simple sentence will change you immensely. You will feel light and relieved. Always be forgiving if you want to clear past karma.

If you’ll take revenge or say something wrong to them, it will get counted in your present day’s karma. The effects of your today’s actions will be reflected in your next life.

2. Pray each day

Another efficient way to clear past life karma is to involve yourself in spirituality. Each day you get and pick your phones or newspaper as the first thing. We start our day with all the worldly news which highly affects our health. Our mind needs healing and healthy information.

Each morning as you wake up, try to connect yourself with the supreme power that is God. Even if you can devote ten minutes each morning and before sleeping to be grateful to God, you’ll see your problems vanishing. Your mind will heal, and the effect of your past karmas won’t matter much to you. If the past karmic consequence is faced by you, you’ll face it with dignity.

3. Eat good food

Most people today eat food from outside or get it cooked by servants. People today have forgotten the fact that” What we eat is what we become.” This thought is not only confined to the food item, but also to the way the food is cooked.


A person who cooks food plays a crucial role in changing his or her family’s thoughts and problems. A food that is cooked with love, blessings, and positivity will fill the eaters with those vibes. However, today people cook out of helplessness, and emotion gets stuck in the food. When this food is consumed by the family, they will feel anxious as well. To create good karma in the present life, it is essential to eat simple home cooked food.

4. Art of dying

In today’s fast-paced life, no one knows when will be their last day. In ancient times, when a person used to get old, his family would ask him to leave materialistic pleasure and remember God. However, today we have no idea when will be the last day of anyone around us. We need to live each day ready to leave. Our wealth will be of no use then. It makes karma healing even more critical. If you’ll clear your past karmas, you’ll be free to leave.

Final Takeaway- Forgive and Forget

If we sincerely want to clear our karmic debt and clear past life karma, then we should practice forgiveness extensively. Keeping grudges, revenge feelings, hatred, and anger will not create good karma for this life. All these emotions will haunt and affect us in our next life. The best way to clear your past karma is to forgive and let go of anything or anyone that made you feel bad. Always think to yourself, it is a consequence of something I did in my past life and let it go immediately. Make sure you maintain good karma in your present life.

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