How to Build Bonds with Your Loved Ones: Festivals, Family and more

“Sometimes, you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”- Dr Seuss.

Strong bonds with your loved ones are something you cannot quantify or buy. They are sacred, especially in India, where the family is highly esteemed even with geographical distance.

However, amidst the commotion of our everyday lives, quality time with loved ones often takes a backseat. Even technology is now more real than the people around us.

As a result, many people have forgotten what it is like to create real connections and strong bonds with those we love.

Below are some ways you can create and maintain strong bonds with your loved ones.

Have meals together:

Regularly eating together with your loved ones is a great way to bond. Since everyone has their busy schedules, you must be deliberate about this.

Schedule specific nights to sit down and eat together. It could be dinners or even breakfasts. The idea is to have everyone on the same table with no distractions (Yes, phones away!)

To this effect, studies indicate that families that have meals together develop stronger bonds. Furthermore, members are less likely to experience depression or substance abuse.

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Share chores and responsibilities

Chores don’t generally sound like fun. Yet, it can become much easier when you do them as a group and more of a “hangout” activity.

In some Indian cultures, gender roles influence house activities, but this shouldn’t be a problem. As a family, have everyone take on different chores they prefer and set a time when you could do them together. It builds teamwork and is also an opportunity to get together and just hang out.

As a couple, doing chores together provides some activity time, giving you a chance to bond as well.

Festivals and outdoor activities

Some outdoor activity time is a great way to strengthen bonds with your loved ones. It could be anything from a family hike to even attending festivals together. This outdoor fun enables you to engage with them in a new setting.

In India, events like the Diwali festival, Holi festival, are predominantly family time. Planning activities and outings during these festivals can help your family to have fun and share happiness together. It is also a chance to meet and engage with other families, share innovative gifts or greeting cards & have fun.

So, ensure you maximize such festival times to keep your loved ones closer before the hustle and bustle resumes.


Studies have shown that travelling and road trips go a long way in developing bonds with loved ones.

First, it increases happiness both before and after, in what researchers term ‘vacation anticipation.’ Planning trips would keep everyone on their toes and excited, which facilitates the bonding process.

Second, taking trips helps you to bond more and get to know each other better. You might have to stay confined in hotels on a trip, have the same program, and experience new things places. These experiences help to bring and keep you closer.

Family night/date night

Amid your busy life schedule, it is crucial to set aside special days and nights just for your loved ones. Whether it is your family or partner, such times give you the chance to reinforce your bonds.

For your family, find a regular time where everyone is usually open and plan activities. Make sure to inform everyone early so that they keep that time clear. You could have family game nights, movie nights, take out nights, etc. It helps to involve everyone in the preparation, so you are all working together.

Also, do activities that actually require you to talk and share, rather than have more screen time.

For your partner, plan date nights to give you both a break from all the daily life activities. Vary your plans to keep it fresh. That way, your bond is continuously renewed and strengthened.


Conclusively, it is essential not to lose sight of the people around us who make our lives truly colourful. So, use the ideas above to build and maintain strong bonds with your loved ones.

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