How to Break Your Navaratri fast in a healthy way?

Healthy Tips To Break Your Fast!

It’s Ram Navami and today, most of us will break our Navaratri fast. After nine days you will be eating the normal food, right? Please note when you break your fast do not immediately plunge onto heavy food. Start with light food because your immune system needs time to adjust.

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Having heavy food will trouble your stomach and immune system. Your body will take time to come back to normal, so eat accordingly.

Keeping fast during Durga Puja is a part of enriched culture, but you need to take care of your immune system.

Here are few healthy tips to break your fast:

  • Start your diet with light and easy to digest food.
  • Break your fast with juice and fruits which are organic and without any refinery sugar.
  • If you were already taking fruits during fasts, substitute it with leafy salad and curd.
  • Eat small portions of food on a regular interval.
  • Drink water half an hour before and after meal.
  • Once your appetite get stronger, add pulses and grains in your meals.
  • Oily foods are generally not good for your health but particularly do not eat such food right after you done with your fasts.
  • Keep yourself hydrated well with water and other organic drinks to keep your body healthy.
  • You can also add nuts to your diet.
  • When you are getting habitual with your plain diet schedule, start incorporating non-vegetarian and dairy products.

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