Career as an Ethical Hacker: Learn with EC-Council CEH Exam and Practice Tests

how to become ethical hacker

How CEH Exam can help you to become Ethical Hacker

Systems and data security is a great concern to organizations across the globe. With increasing threats due to interference from unauthorized individuals, there’s a need for security professionals to up their skills. Ethical hacking is a skill that enables security experts to identify loopholes in a network system and then provide solutions. To attain these skills, candidates need to prepare by taking and passing the EC-Council CEH exam.

Being a leader in providing candidates with the globally recognized cybersecurity certifications, EC-Council badges are highly popular among test-takers. More than 200k specialists from 87 countries have earned EC-Council unique credentials (CEH, CHFI, ECSA, etc.), got new skills and improved their careers.

Since the article is devoted to the CEH Certification, you’ll know how to gain it and prepare for its 312-50 exam.

EC Council 312-50 Exam Important Details

Exam 312-50 ensures you get to understand and master how to identify system weaknesses with the aim of sealing them. This test leads to the CEH badge that is vendor-neutral and proves your expert ethical hacking skills.

To be more precise, the CEH exam tests the ability of candidates to use specific tools to check vulnerabilities and provide helpful solutions. Professionals involved in ethical hacking use the same tools and tactics as those of unauthorized hackers. The only difference is that the former is looking to solve the problem using legitimate means, while the latter has malicious intentions.

There are two exams that candidates can sit for. They include the compulsory theory exam and the optional practical exam. The theory exam is known as 312-50 test that includes 125 multiple-choice questions allocated for 4 hours. To pass the test, a candidate must have 60%–85% correct answers to the questions provided. Depending on the test center, the exam will cost you either $950 for ECC exam or $1199 (at Pearson VUE). Also, there is a non-refundable $100 registration fee.

The optional CEH practical exam helps you acquire in-depth hands-on skills to use in scenarios of the real world. The 6-hour long test seeks to validate your understanding and mastery of various ethical hacking techniques. They include vector identification, OS scanning, network scanning, vulnerability analysis, hacking of web app, and system hacking. There are 20 tasks in this exam and the passing score is 70%. The cost of this exam is $550 and you can opt for it without taking the training.

Areas to Study to Attain Expert Ethical Hacking Skills Through CEH Exam

To attain expert skills necessary for the ethical hacking profession, you need to study and master the following exam objectives of 312-50 exam:

  • Networks as well as communication technologies
  • Assessment as well as analysis of information security
  • Security-based controls, attack detection, and attack prevention
  • Information security tools, systems, and programs
  • Procedures and assessment methodologies for information security
  • Information security ethics

Studying through these objectives and mastering them is what you need if you wish to become successful in your security-based career. You need to prepare yourself fully for the exam as well as for the role that awaits you. In this case, it’s important to find the best way to prepare for the ethical hacking role.

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EC-Council CEH Exam Preparation Strategies and Resources

If you’re at a place where you’re wondering how to go about the next step of exam preparation, then this is for you. The preparation for the CEH exam involves intense studies that focus on the test objectives. There are a number of ways that 312-50 exam takers can use to know the exam objectives, thus, they include training courses, study guides, and practice tests. Here’s a list of these resources that you can fully trust and opt for:

  1. Ethical hacking training program by EC-Council

This a comprehensive course for ethical hacking includes coverage of important security domains. It includes comprehensive modules and various attack technologies that hackers commonly use. You’ll be taken through labs that seek to mimic the actual scenarios so that you can understand how an attack situation can look like. You’ll also have access to ethical hacking tools that will help you develop the mindset of a hacker. The CEH course is delivered by qualified instructors.

  1. EC-Council CEH exam website

The exam site helps you learn more about the exam and what it means to you as an aspiring ethical hacker. You’ll get various resources and advice to help you with the exam preparation. The resources include training courses, whitepapers, and blog posts to guide you through the exam and in understanding more about the need to ethically become a hacker.

  1. CEH 312-50 practice tests

Practice tests are designed to help exam candidates check the knowledge they have acquired. Such files for Exam 312-50 help you become good at answering the real exam questions and gain your time management skills. Practising with these files gives you confidence at the exam, as you learn the right strategies to tackle the exam questions. The essential thing for you to consider is to use the most updated practice tests.

For that, check the ExamSnap website, for instance. It’s a reliable provider of prep materials for IT exams. Using its valid and proved files you get the insight of what is waiting for you at the exam. For 312-50 the exam you can utilize free practice tests as well as paid ones. Here, you can find the Premium Bundle for the CEH exam that will cost you $39,97. Along with the premium file, it includes a video course and a study guide that have been checked and compiled by IT experts. From ExamSnap you can download exam dumps both for CEH (ANSI)and CEH (Practical).

  1. CEH 312-50 exam study guides

Another way to ace your exam is to use the study guide for your 312-50 exam. Since it covers all exam objectives, it’s an excellent tool to use before making your plan and learning each exam topic. Here are some guides you can use:

  • CEH Certified Ethical Hacker
  • CEH Certified All-In-One Exam Guide
  • CEH V10 Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide

All the books are available on the Amazon website.

In case you’ve chosen a self-preparation for the CEH exam instead of a training program by EC-Council, you must have at least 2 years of working experience in an IT security sphere. You should prove this information by completing and sending an eligibility form and only then you will get a special code to register for the exam.


Exam 312-50 ensures you’re up to the task in your ethical hacking role. Since it’s essential in boosting your career of the Ethical Hacker, passing the exam is your top priority.

Use the most valid prep materials provided in this article, opt for practice tests offered by ExamSnap as well and become CEH certified on your first try. After that, you’ll be able to acquire a certification that will provide you with great opportunities to make things happen in your career. Wish you luck!

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