How to become an emotionally stable person?

You need to become emotional independent
You need to become emotional independent

Emotions matters a lot!

Handling Emotions can be a tricky matter. Emotional instability is a major problem. When we are emotionally unstable it can cause a lot of damage inside and out. Emotions are like waves in the ocean – constantly changing. High tides, low tides, calm waters, giant waves, and of course, the dreaded tsunamis.

You need to become emotional independent
You need to become emotional independent

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Emotional instability can lead to saying things we do not really mean and is the cause of many arguments and even breakups. Fortunately, there is a solution to every problem. Controlling your emotions is a skill that takes practice, awareness and a lot of discipline and self control – but it can be done.

Here are some handy solutions to control your emotions :

1. Change your perspective: Perspective is everything. Try to perceive things positively as much as you can. If you view something as an attack, chances are you will probably become defensive. Changing your perspective from thinking someone is trying to ‘attack’ you to someone wants to ‘connect’ with you. Form a good perception.

2. Know you are in control. Your emotions do not have to be the master of your life. If you have become aware of your thought patterns, you can gain control of your thought and intentionally calm the waters. Become aware, assess the problem, then make the proper action.

Stay Happy
Stay Happy

3. Stay grounded. Have believe on your perception. The ‘sticks and stones’ saying is a good one, but typically not true. For example, if someone says, “wow, that’s a really bright shirt?,” don’t immediately take it as an insult. It could mean a number of things. Maybe they are feeling dull, depressed and not as outgoing as you. Maybe they even really like the bright color and it stands out as beautiful to them.

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4. Don’t suppress. Learn to listen to your emotions. Studies show that people who ignore their feelings end up unhappy and depressed. Furthermore, storing or bottling up strong emotions is more likely to end in an explosive outburst of emotions.

5. Be positive. Positivity is the solution to every problem. Negativity can severely affect our mood and emotions. See the sunny side of life. If you feel truly thankful for everything and everyone in your life, you won’t be as likely to get caught up in trivial matters. Ask, ” will this matter to me in a month, or even a year’ (to put things into perspective). If not —don’t sweat it.

6. Take care : Love and care for yourself every day. Know what your de-stressors are and use them often to take the edge off. Simple things like having a regular meditation practice, yoga, getting a massage or even deep belly laughter can combat stress. If you are taking care of your entire being, you’re less likely to let anything affect you in a negative way. Clear stress so there’s no emotional mess.

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