How to be photogenic on all occasions

25 tips for men and women to be photogenic on all occasions

In the social media-obsessed world, it is very important to look good for most of the people. What is the importance of Facebook and Instagram account if you don’t look good in pictures?

Not looking good on someone’s social account wall could be traumatizing and you might start wondering how those models manage to look good every time.  Clicking a good photo is a fine art. It is harder than you think. To translate the flesh beauty of you on the camera, it requires proper skill-set and imagination.

From knowing the angle to placing the camera, we will help you with tips which will make you feel less envious of your photogenic friends who always get compliments on social media.  If you nail these tips, we promise, you will never take an unflattering photo. You can thank us later for these photogenic tips.


  1. There shouldn’t be half-closed eyes in the picture. Close your eyes just before the camera clicks and open them slowly just before the picture is taken.
  2. Elongate your neck and push forward your face forward a bit to avoid a double chin. Stick out your forehead and tip your chin slightly down.  You might feel awkward but trust me it will yield great results.
  3. Look after your favourites pictures and find a pattern in them. Find the right angle, right posture, and right facial expressions and replicate them in your next pictures.
  4. To maximize the impact of the eye, curled lashes and mascara are musts. More open your eyes will be, more light will enter into them and they will twinkle.
  5. Make sure that your make-up matches your skin tone perfectly. Fiona Stiles, a celebrity make-up artist who has worked with Halle Berry and Elizabeth Banks says “When the foundation is too pale to your skin flash hits the skin so it is important to match your skin to your chest and also a layer should be added to the neck.
  6. This one is old school but still works. Put your tongue behind the teeth so that your grin doesn’t look wide and goofy.
  7. Fill your eyebrows. A filled eyebrow can be the difference between you looking wide awake or washed out on camera. Darker pencils will make your features look lighter.
  8. Make sure that your hair shines before you are captured on the screen.
  9. A good pomade or dry oil will keep your style in sleek. Use the oil lightly by spraying it on your hands first and try to control fizz.
  10. Look towards a light right before you are clicked. It will shrink your pupils and help you avoid red-eye .
  11. Without a little blush on your face, you might look two dimensional. We suggest you to use medium pink shade on the apples of your cheek to shape your face.
  12. To give depth features to your face, don’t face the camera straight, turn your head to a three-quarter position.
  13. Visine will help your eyes look brighter and awake. Don’t overdo it, use only a couple of drops.
  14. Try the evergreen red carpet pose. Put one hand on your hip, look into the camera and angle your body to your favourite side.
  15. A light colour backdrop will help you brighten your skin. Find a white background which also helps the camera’s automatic settings to find the right the colour balance.  Your skin tone will not look too yellowish or pinkish.
  16. Dark lipsticks have minimizing effects on the lips.  It can make you look ageing and unflattering. Wear bright lipsticks for a better look.
  17. This is probably the most important tip. Be in more pictures. People who don’t think themselves of a photogenic person tend not to be a part of lots of pictures. This is the biggest mistake you can do.  More Number of photos increases the possibility of better pictures.
  18. Saying cheese is history now. Think something funny or crack a joke with a photographer. Natural smile always triumphs the fake smile.
  19. Grabbing an object such as decoration or flower will relax your posture. It will add personality to your picture.
  20. Avoid standing directly under a light to cast weird shadows from your face.  Go for a softer or natural light source. Stand in a place where soft lights hit your face from the side.


There are some tips in the women section which is helpful for both males and females. Below are the men specific tips on how to be photogenic on all occasions.

  1. Looking at a watch or rolling up your sleeve could be a good pose for men.  Walking towards the camera is ultimate to look randomly good.
  2. If you are a tall person and the cameraman is short then we would suggest you to grab a seat. The picture clicked above you is always better than a picture clicked below you.
  3. Keep a trimmed beard with low fade hair cut.  This is the modern way of looking hot and sexy.

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  1. Always stand tall and never let your shoulder down.
  2. Wear a cool hairstyle to look good in the picture.

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