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Happiness Doesn’t Come With a Cost; It Is All Free

how to be happy? At a certain point we all strive and seek for happiness, we feel like we have missed something, something we are deprived of even if we are surrounded by all good things. We feel empty and lack of our self asset, we all seek for the peace within, the satisfaction and gratification.

Happiness… the one thing people want so much is the one thing they know so little about…” — Michael Fordyce

Why does happiness matter so much? The list is too long to mention, but one major reason is, it helps to gain success. Studies have shown the stats that people who are joyous and blissful are more successful. And there is another good thing about happiness, and that is, it is free, you don’t need to spend money to be happy. Material things are good and give us comfort and luxury, but for how long that feeling of being happy lasts, for a week or two or a month. And then again we feel empty, lost, and deprived of something, So how can we stay happy all the time? How can we find the aligned path for true happiness?

Being happy all the time is quite a hard task, but there are ways that can lead us in the pursuit of happiness.

Be yourself: Being yourself is all about doing the things that make you feel up and crazy. No worries of being judged by someone, just having fun, enjoying your own company. No need to think twice of the appearance,  no need to think twice before choosing your clothes from the closet or going for a new hairstyle. Just be you, be weird, be random, be real and be original.

Living in the present: Most of us don’t do that, we are always worried about our future or in the regret of our past. You can’t change the past nor the future, what had happened, happened; you can’t change the past and the future is totally uncertain. Worrying about the future won’t do any good to you and regretting the past will make you upset and more vulnerable. Live in the moment, have plans for the future but don’t let that ruin your today. We have so much to enjoy and to live, worrying is the biggest obstacle for your happiness. So, stop worrying and enjoy the moment and the time you are having now, this is not gonna come back again.

Be more spiritual and less materialistic: Becoming less materialistic doesn’t mean becoming a saint or a monk; rather it is about connecting to the self. You don’t need to have a big beard, or going to the Himalayas to find yourself and peace. Just connect to yourself, to your soul and give yourself a little extra care. Give yourself a couple of hours in a day to know more about you, to nourish yourself, your body, mind, and soul. We all need some spare time to spend with ourselves, to love ourselves, to nurture ourselves, don’t do anything for a while, just sit on the couch and remember all the old memories and think about the things you wanted to do when you were a kid.

Good Relationship: This is something we all agree on, a good and healthy relationship is the vital key for happiness. A good relationship with your parents, spouse, friends, and neighbors always have benefits, they keep us up, always lift our mood, keeps us motivated and support in our bad times. We, humans, are social animals and always need someone by our side, to accompany us, to make us laugh, to listen to us, to be available for us when needed.  Always work on building a strong relationship, spend time with people you are close with, you are connected with, it’ll help you to lead a good and happy life.

Fewer expectations: We always want something extra every time, our mind is always full of extra expectations and sometimes unrealistic too. But that is something our mind doesn’t need to be happy. The less we expect the less are the chances of getting disappointed. For a peaceful mind, disappointment is an obstacle and without a peaceful mind, happiness can’t exist. Always expect less and enjoy the things you have, always be grateful for the things you get, the moment, the time you have, always thankful to nature, lead a simple yet extraordinary life. Fewer expectations, fewer worries and more life.

Be more social: Socializing helps you to grow as better human beings and frequent researches have shown that. Go out, meet people, share your interest and join the local groups that excite you. Going for regular outdoor activities, doing things that you love have scientific shreds of evidence that they help you to pursue happiness, and who knows that you find a good partner out there.

Accept failure and move on: Doesn’t matter how hard we try, sometimes situations are not in our control, and that’s okay. Achieving success every time, and not failing once, would be unfair to nature. Failure is not an option, it’s inevitable, it’s a part of our lives and we have to face it whether it’s our professional life or personal life.

Just accept your failures and move on, try with a better plan and give your best shot next time, winning and losing is a part of the game which we all have to face. Don’t doubt your efforts, don’t feel guilty, just enjoy your failure the way as you would enjoy your success. Failure is the best teacher who teaches us the best lessons of our life, just enjoy it.

Letting go: ‘Nothing lasts forever’, this universal quote is the real truth. It is always better to let go off the things, your past, failures or a bad relationship. Being stuck with bad memories only harms our mental as well as physical health and makes us more vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and unhappiness. When you let go off the bad things, bad memories of your past and everything that disturbs you, you take a step forward in the pursuit of happiness.

Prioritize yourself: Nothing is more important than you to yourself. We all love our family and friends and hardly say no to them, but sometimes somewhere it creates chaos. Put your choices first, learn to say no when needed, spend a bit more ‘your time’. Prioritizing yourself is all about listening to your heart and not suppressing your desires, doing all the random things your heart tempts for, putting yourself first and doing all the good things to you. It won’t make you any selfish, but more of you and won’t harm anyone.

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The Final Thought

In the pursuit of your happiness, make sure you don’t hurt anyone. There is a very thin line between becoming selfish and self-aware, but it makes a huge difference. It’s better to understand and measure the boundaries. Happiness never comes with a cost, it is all free, provided that, you’ve to pursue it.

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