How to be a Zomato reviewer! A complete guide

Becoming a Zomato reviewer is simple. Here is the guide

In the modern world, social media has exposed us to many possibilities. Gone are the days when food critics used to get space only in newspaper and television program. With social media, everyone can now share the pictures of what they are eating and they can write about it too. Everyone is a reviewer now.  Zomato gives a platform to users to write reviews about the food and hospitality of restaurants and other food- places.

People who are on a good level of reviewing on Zomato enjoy free food at many restaurants. No kidding! We don’t lie. The PR agencies or PR professionals of restaurants call reviewers on barter basis (sometimes paid) and ask them to review their food. Zomato reviewers call themselves food blogger, get free food and restaurants get reviews.

How you can become a Zomato reviewer?

You just need to create an account on Zomato. Once you create an account, you need to go to the profile section. Click on Add review and write your reviews and post the pictures of food and restaurant’s ambience. When you start reviewing, you are at Level 1. The maximum-level a reviewer can reach is 13 (also called Connoisseur).

How can you reach level 13 of Zomato?

Zomato has designated points for every review, pictures and blog post. More you review and post pictures, more points you will gather and ultimately you will reach a better level. The journey from Level 1 to becoming a connoisseur (Level 13) will take time but it can be done. So what are you waiting for, go and make your account on Zomato and start increasing your level on Zomato.

How to be a good reviewer?

The golden rule of being a food blogger is that you have to say goodbye to ‘Ghar Ka Khana’. I suppose you already eat outside food a lot that’s why you want to become a reviewer. Here are a few key points on how to become a good reviewer of food.

Know the taste?

When people read your review, they really want to know how delicious the food is at a particular restaurant. Let your readers know what they are going to taste. Describe the food and how awesome it was or why people shuldn’t waste their money on that particular dish.

Know the angels for pictures?

A good picture with right angle describes a picture which no words can ever describe. Know the perfect angles of dishes.  A shake looks good from the side angle. The Ice cream looks good from the top angle. Good pictures of food will garner you followers.

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Guidelines by Zomato

Keep out the clutter – To maintain the quality and usefulness for the customers, a minimum of 140 characters should be used for dine-in reviews. Don’t put junk in your reviews or the Zomato team will delete your review.

Relevant – There should be no promotional content, irrelevant content, and inappropriate content which can spam restaurants or solicit customers.

No abusive words – Whether you are writing a detailed review or a small snipped, make sure that there is no abusive/foulful/hateful/ language, threats and lewdness in it.

Be Fresh – Only one review for online order transaction and one review for dine-out should be submitted at a restaurant. The most recent experience is counted though. This will help the customers in deciding whether to eat there or not.  You can edit or update your review of the same place based on subsequent visits any time. Reviews that are older than 6 months old will be deleted by the zomato official.

Keep it real – Write the reviews based on facts and your own experience. Zomato suggests not to exaggerate and falsify the experience. Don’t put contents which indicate that you haven’t availed any service from the restaurant. Fake, Deceptive or misleading reviews are deleted from the Zomato.

Don’t solicit– Pretending to be a zomato official or using your status to solicit any kind of benefit in exchange for promotion is not tolerated by Zomato. You can’t threat restaurant of negative reviews or solicit them for free meals, drinks or money.  If Zomato finds such incidents, then your profile will be deleted from Zomato.

Stay away from copying– Using someone else’s review as your own by copying it might lead to the removal of your review. Neither copy the content nor use someone else’s picture.

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