6 ways to avoid backaches while working from home

After working from home for weeks, we realized that it’s not that fun after all!

How many times we have made excuses in front of our boss to get ‘Work From Home’, and now when it is compulsory, it is creating problems. It takes a lot of discipline to pull it off. And not everyone’s home is well equipped with working infrastructure. When you are in office, you have a comfortable chair and a great work station, but at home, it is difficult to sit for long hours. Many of us are facing several problems and backache is one of them. Here are 6 ways to avoid backaches while working from home.

1. A proper sitting posture is important

A proper chair is important. You know what is our favourite, straight chairs. Your feet must touch the floor and your pelvis and back should fit against the back of chair. The right posture will ensure that your back doesn’t have extra pressure on it.

2. Your computer screen must be at your eye level

When your computer screen is at your eye level, you don’t have to put extra strain on your neck ultimately not making you bend. This will ensure you don’t have headaches, dry eyes and blurred vision.

3. Extra support on your back won’t be bad

Like we said earlier, not everyone has the privilege of having a comfortable chair and table. So, We guess you might be working from your bed. You must support your back against the wall or headboard with two pillows, one vertically and other horizontally to support your spine.

4. Don’t place your phone between your neck shoulder

Most people have a habit of placing the phone between your neck and shoulder while multitasking. We would advise you to use headset, earphone, earbuds if your work requires you to make a lot of calls. Putting your phone on the speaker can be irritating for your family members or roommates.

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5. Do not sit for a long time 

It is advised to get up and take a walk after every hour or so. You can visit your kitchen to see what your mom is cooking or you could walk from one room to another. Don’t go outside. Stretching at regular intervals can ease up the pain.

6. Don’t keep the laptop on your lap

When you keep your laptop on your lap, you are forced to learn so avoid keeping the laptop on your lap. You can raise the laptop to match the eye-level by using the bed table or books but don’t overdo it.

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