5 old-school yet innovative way to ask a girl out

These five ideas are not new but very effective while asking a girl out

If you are a guy and also single, and looking to get into a relationship but have problems approaching a girl. You are not alone! There are many of you. The world may have changed digitally but how a girl should be approached has not changed. The way we approach to ask a girl out for a date makes an important aspect of the entire dating world. The girl notices how you approach her, how you carry yourself on your first date and how you talk to her.  Asking someone out should not be stressful or too casual. It should be balanced and be different from what you have been doing so far.

1. Forget digital message

In an era of social media, you should give her actual time away from the digital screen. So yeah don’t ask her out on social media. Personal experience says so. You might have met her on an online dating app or through social media, but once you have her number, she’d be happier if you call to ask her out. Call her, maybe chip sentences like “Would you like to grab a drink/coffee with me some time’.

2. Know her interests

Know her well enough if not already about her likes and dislikes and then plan an evening around that and ask her out. It could be simply watching a standup or an afternoon of rock climbing. Tell her your plans, she won’t say no to an exciting day.

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3. Go traditional, Write a letter

You know that writing letter is old-school but trust us, it is also romantic. Write your feelings on the paper and giver her directly or indirectly. Flowers and chocolate along with the letter won’t be bad.

4. Ask her straight up

If you have spotted her in a public gathering, get all your courage together and ask her straight up. This will show your confidence and nothing is sexier than a man having the courage to approach the girl. Gather all the courage and go near her, look into her eyes and ask her if she’d like to go out with you sometime.

5. Bake a cake

Good food is something we all crave for. If you are a whiz in the kitchen, you can really use that to your advantage. Find out what she loves to eat, prepare it and send it to her with a little message. If you know how to bake, Wow! Send her something from your oven, she will definitely want to meet, at least for some desserts if not anything else.

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