How to answer awkward questions by kids? Modern Parents share tips!

Dealing with awkward questions by Kids can be stressful: Here is how you can answer them gracefully?

The modern world is full of information, and kids these days have exposure to a lot of things. But not all information is useful. Being a modern parent you need to brace yourself to answer some weirdest questions asked by your kid. They might see something or just hear adults talking, they will pop a question. Kids are fond of asking questions and as a parent, it is your responsibility to give them a satisfying answer.

They could ask you questions on physical intimacy, reproductive organs or anything else that could be a bit awkward to answer. To share some handy tips with you, we decided to ask some modern parents. Here is how you can gracefully handle awkward questions?

What is Sex?

Priti Chaudhary, a 32- year –old working mom shared that her kid asked her about Sex. She said, “We went out to watch a movie couple of months ago. There was a steamy scene, and my daughter turned around and asked- You don’t love me like this. I didn’t answer her question on that day. After a few days, she asked Moma, what is sex?  Then I decided to answer her. It is important to impart the right information to our kids.  To her question, I answered it is a special kind of love that a mother and father share.” She further added, “Other details weren’t important because she won’t understand. But we all should handle such situations with patience.”

Why only girls use Sanitary Napkin?

This is one of the common questions that a child asks. He or she might have watched it on television. If your child also pops up this question, then you can simply answer – “Just like paper napkins are used to keep hands clean, the sanitary napkin is used to keep private parts clean.”

Where do babies come from? Or Why Moma’s belly is so big?

This question is asked by kids, especially if you are expecting your second child. Jatin Mehta, a 36-year-old businessman in Delhi said, “My 5-year-old son asked this question from me. I felt really uncomfortable but then I decided to answer his question. I said, this baby is created out of love and it stays in mommy’s stomach for 9 months. You were also born the same way.”

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I heard Aunty or Uncle talking about Sex Toys – Can I get one?

Now, this is really tough to handle. But you have to deal with it.  Ritika Agarwal from Pune says, “My kid asked me this question and I was like what should I answer. I told her just like kids have toys, adults too have. As of now, you are too young. Sex toys are exclusively for adults.”


Kids will ask different questions at a different age. All you need to do is handle the situation with patience. Do not ignore their questions. Answer them with grace and ask your kid whether he or she was satisfied with the answer or not?

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