How Professional Office Snacks Services can promote Workplace Wellness?

Professional Office Snacks Services can promote workplace wellness: Here is how? 

Maintaining overall wellness is not only the responsibility of the employees alone but in today’s given scenario it is also the duty of the employer to ensure their health, as well as moral, is both at its pink. Providing office snacks is, therefore, a common trend among the business owners, large and small. This significantly helps them to develop wellness initiatives in the workplace. As a bonus, it also helps in promoting behavior, bonding, work ethics and productivity of the employees. Therefore, investing in providing office snacks for free is a smart business move.

According to the 2013 State of the Global Workplace Report of Gallup, it is found that less than 1 in 3 American workers are motivated and engaged in their work due to several reasons such as:

  • The complexity and demand of the work itself
  • The surroundings and work environment
  • The lack of employee wellness programs
  • Incorrect and unethical business culture
  • Low morale
  • Inadequate profitability
  • Insufficient or no reward and
  • Lack of proper food during the work hours paid or for free.

Though there are several other reasons that are hard if not impossible to decipher, food seems to be the most significant reason for low productivity and morale in the workers. It is for this reason that most of the corporate wellness programs are designed and centered on providing office snacks, especially through a proper delivery service.

Save time and hassle

The most significant reason that most businesses hire a snack delivery service from reliable and reputable sources such as varietyfun.comor any other healthful food procurement source in general for that matter is that it saves a lot of time and hassle for the company. They need to place the order and ensure the best food will be served that will, in turn, help them to improve the productivity of the company and the wellness of the employees.

Most of the business owners think that choosing snacks and arranging it for the employees in the office is not only time-consuming but also a time-wasting task. Just imagine the time it requires when the office manager needs to:

  • Visit the store
  • Spend time in choosing the right type of snacks
  • Carry them back to the office
  • Arrange them in the kitchen
  • Maintain a proper inventory to place the next order on time and
  • Make sure that it is accessible to all the employees.

On the other hand, hiring an office snack delivery service will only need to make the list of items required and make the call on time so that the kitchen rack is never empty. This saves a lot of time and hassle that the office manager can devote to other important areas of the business that will add to the productivity of the business.

Benefits of hiring a snack delivery service

There are lots of benefits of hiring a reputed snack delivery service part from that fact that the office managers no longer have to source snacks for their office.

  • They will indirectly help a business to keep up the morale of their employees
  • They will keep the employees happy and satisfied providing a varied, extensive and healthful food choice
  • They will even boost B2B relationships and
  • They will reduce stress.

Another significant benefit of providing high-quality office snacks and investing in proper and reliable delivery service is that it will decrease employee absenteeism.

Involvement of the federal government

To ensure that the health standards are when office food and beverages are procured the federal government has also got involved in it. According to an article published in the Nutrition Reviews shows the comprehensive changes in the landscape of food procurement policies of the businesses today.

  • According to this article, it is found that these changes are aimed mostly at improving the environment of the workplace surroundings by providing top quality as well as affordable food and beverage to the employees.
  • The articles also illustrate the emphasis of the business owners for providing healthy snacks onsite realizing the importance of it.
  • The article points out and substantiates the fact that more and more businesses are now focused on creating a healthier work culture and setting by providing healthy foods and beverages through worksite cafeterias and onsite vending machines.
  • It also says that healthy food is also supplied at the business meetings and conferences as well which is helping in drawing increased the attention of the attendants.
  • This is a practice that is followed not only by the large private businesses but also by most of the federal and state government owned and regulated businesses as well and also the hospital systems.
  • As a result, the article points out, The American Heart Association, the federal government, and several other organizations have formed specific procurement standards for foods and beverages in different offices to ensure healthily purchasing by all business entities.

The articles also take up a few points form several research reports conducted on the health and business benefits of providing free office snacks.

These reports point out that when healthy office foods are provided for free to the employees it provided both health benefits to the employees and monetary benefits to the businesses.

The employees had:

  • Low level of sickness
  • Low level of absenteeism and
  • Lower healthcare costs.

The business had:

  • Reduced loss of work hours
  • Increased productivity
  • Better company and business culture
  • Improved employee bonding
  • Better work environment
  • Easy retention of employees
  • Ease in making new recruits and much more.

It was also found that when the employees had healthy food in the office it reduced the risks of any cardiovascular or heart diseases, risks of obesity and other ailments that affect the productivity in some way or the other. This is all due to proper dietary intake that includes no sugar, fat or sodium.

Therefore, investing in an office snack delivery system to promote healthy workplace food environment is an appropriate and important move due to its huge potential to result in a sound and productive business practice.

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