Power of Thoughts

Your Thoughts Become Your Reality & that’s no more a secret now! 

If you can control your thoughts, you can alter your life journey

As said by Buddha,

“What we think is, what we become.”

Once upon a time, there was a basket seller, Bheem, he used to travel from one village to another to sell his baskets. One day after he sold all his baskets, he decided to take the way of woods. He kept walking until he found a big tree. Bheem was very tired so he decided to have some rest.

He kept all his belongings under the tree and sat under the tree. He was walking in the woods for a long time, he was thirsty. He thought it would be nice if I get water to drink. But wasn’t sure of getting water in that dense forest. To his surprise, he suddenly saw a pot full of water. Bheem couldn’t understand what was happening. He thought that it was a magical tree, and he decided to check.

Bheem quickly made another wish. He wanted to have laddoos. After a few minutes, one big plate full of laddoos appeared in front of him. He concluded that this is a magical tree which makes our thoughts a reality. Bheem had all the laddoos and he was stuffed now.

Now, Bheem decided to have a nice nap. As he wished, one bed also appeared under the tree. After lying on the bed, he thought what if Tiger comes here? Well, his thoughts became a reality. He saw a hungry tiger approaching him. Bheem couldn’t run as he was stuffed with laddoos, however, he climbed on the tree to save his life.

Bheem realized the Power of Thoughts. Positive thoughts brought positive outcomes and one negative thought changed everything.

At that time, a hunter with a big gun came to that place. He saw Bheem hanging on the branch of the tree and understood his situation. The hunter shot in the air and the tiger ran away. Bheem came down and thanked him for saving his life. Both of them left that place.

Moral: Everything is in your mind. Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes and negative thoughts will bring negative outcomes.

Even after so many years of human evolution if a question whose answer is still not known to many is, “How our thoughts affect our reality?”

Most people wonder if thoughts are real, or if thoughts even have something to do in changing our lives. Well, the answer is ‘-Yes’

Our thoughts decide on our life journey. Human reality develops through thoughts, and once you understand this fact, life will become sorted. A thought that arises in one’s mind can either shatter the person or transform the person.

Let us discuss how what you think, and how our thoughts affect our reality.

Power of thoughts

You can be a great communicator when it comes to talking to people, but how to communicate with yourself is what matters. The immense knowledge one could have is the knowledge of oneself. Knowing your thoughts is the first step towards this process.

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To understand the power of thoughts, we first need to understand that thoughts are a real thing. They shape our reality, which makes it very important for us to be a master of our thoughts. As they say, ‘A person who has mastered his thoughts has grasped his life.’

The human mindset is nothing but an assortment of thoughts. Not only can you shape your own life but also the lives of others through the absurd power of thoughts.


What you think is what you believe. Henry Ford once said,

“Whether you think you can or cannot, you’re right.”


Now, you see how crucial it is to manage your thoughts.

You draw to your life whatever you think. If your thoughts are negative, you will attract more negative things. On the other hand, positive thoughts will bring positive situation, people and circumstances.

If you continuously think about why you are not getting the promotion or why you are not feeling well, more such negative situations you’ll attract.

It is all the power of thoughts that can turn any negative situation into a positive one. Many renowned leaders and personalities have understood this secret to live, and it is high time that you should too.

Sooner or later, your thoughts will manifest in the real world. Everything you have ever thought throughout your life has made you and brought you where you are today. Want to shape a future you always wanted? You already know what to do!

How to control negative thoughts?

Some people ask, “How is it even possible to think positively when everything around you is negative?”

We cannot deny the fact that in today’s world with so happening around us, it gets arduous to stay positive. We have started thinking, judging, and analyzing everything as positive or negative.

power of thoughts
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Firstly, you should know that negative thoughts are hurdles stopping you from getting the best of life. Bad things happen but the reaction to such situations is absolutely in your hands.

You should know that the situation will not drag you up or down, your thoughts about the situation will. We see people taking failures with grace; it is their mindset and thoughts that keep them positive in every situation.

Here we have discussed five ways on how to control negative thoughts:

  1. Distort thoughts: The first thing you can do to control negative thoughts is, immediately distract your mind from such thoughts. Recognize every thought that arises in your brain. Check where it will lead you, and then, promptly filter the negative call. It isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it is not that difficult either.
  1. Your company matters: No matter, how positive you are as a person,  being in the company of negative people will gradually make you one of them. For example, if you are sitting with your friends and they start criticizing one of your friends who is not there in the room, you may not participate in the conversation. However, the next time you see that friend, you will judge them because of the criticizing conversation. What you could have done to prevent yourself from this situation was to leave the chat at the very first place. Doing this would have saved you from acquiring those negative vibes.
  1. Challenge yourself: You can follow this step right away. Challenge yourself to find out a positive aspect in every situation. By every situation, we mean all the positive and negative things you go through the entire day. Make it a point to find at least one positive thought in a negative situation. As you’ll start doing it as a challenge for a few days, you won’t even get to know how it will turn into a habit.

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power of thoughts
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  1. Positive affirmations: Start your day and end your day on a good note. Say these and more daily affirmations for positive thinking.
  • I decide my thoughts and reactions to situations.
  • I stop and change my thoughts if they do not nourish me.
  • I know negative thoughts are temporary and will leave soon.
  • My thoughts nurture my future.
  1. Seek therapy: If you have been trying to get rid of negative thoughts for a long time now without any success, it is the time you seek medical or professional help. Therapy or counselling can be an efficient way of leaving all the negativity behind and starting a life with happiness and positivity.

Overall outlook

If you nurture and sow positive thoughts in your mind, you will create a beautiful life. Make yourself the master of your thoughts and you will see everything around you going just the way you want. Always remember:

Thoughts are things, things are thoughts, and this changes everything.

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