5 reasons why it’s time to change your password

Using the same password everywhere is a huge cybersecurity mistake

People tend to pick passwords that are easy to remember, and usually pick same old password when asked to think up a new one, your old password may be already available on the dark web and can be used as a starting point for testing variants. According to a CSO summit India, the five major reasons to change your password are as follow:-

1. Limits access gained by keystroke loggers 

A keystroke logger is a surveillance technology used to record keystrokes. It is often used to steal login credentials as they are capable of recording passwords and capturing the information before encryption is used on the password. Changing your password regularly makes the obtained passwords by keystroke loggers useless.

2. Prevents the use of saved passwords

Most of us can’t remember the last time we typed in our Facebook, Gmail and other social media account passwords. Most password managers allow users to store passcodes or even other sensitive data, such as credit card details, in an encrypted vault created on the device or chosen cloud storage. All our passwords are saved in our browser’s password manager, allowing us quick access. If you lose or change computers, those passwords could be misused, frequently changing your password means that even if someone finds an old, saved password, it will no longer be useful. 

3. Prevents constant access

Most people understand the importance of choosing a strong password but some people are just too lazy to secure their accounts. If you are unaware and your accounts are already breached and are silently accessed by a hacker. Changing your password will help you secure your online accounts. 

4. Multiple security authentication factors are preferred

Multi-Factor Authentication a better security method than two factors authentication as If a password is stolen in a breach, the hacker will still need a second piece of information, such as a fingerprint before they gain access to the information. Password has a lot of shortcomings, Multi-factor authentication is more complex as is protected by additional verification such as biometrics to include voice, retina, etc., which is harder for an attacker to bypass.

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5. Limits breaches to multiple accounts

When a user receives an email requesting that they change their password immediately, it is because their account could be the victim of a security breach. It can be convenient to use the same password on every account you have, but it increases the risk of access to several accounts if your password is hacked. Using the same password everywhere is a huge cybersecurity mistake as if someone figures out your password, he can gain access to every account you have.

Your computer stores and provides access to a lot of sensitive and important data. Being human we find it difficult to remember multiple details. When faced with the task of remembering those hundreds of passwords, what most people do is either simply uses the same password for sites they consider non-critical, or they use variations of the same password for some of them so they can remember what they are.

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