How multitasking can help you to build an excellent career?

How multitasking can help you to build an excellent career? Why should learn it right away!  

We are living in the age of instant results. With social media taking over, it has actually become possible to get instant results. Which means we constantly look for people who can help us to get those results. Of course,  the process of getting instant results has its own share of disadvantages, but it has become really important these days. Multitasking has become the need of the hour. Here is how multitasking can help you to build an excellent career?

Organizations want to hire employees who can multitask which can reduce the cost of hiring of new employees. Multitasking means doing more than one thing at a time. It is beneficial for both employee and the employer. An employer can get multiple things done at a similar package and employee can earn a handsome amount.  Nowadays professionals need to get a large number of the inevitable task accomplished in limited time. So, it is important to master the skill of multitasking.

Understand what is multitasking

Multitasking is a tool that you can use to do multiple works. For example- If you are hired for content generation and you also know how to proofread and publish the content that comes under multitasking.

Multitasking is about when a person handles more than one thing or task at the same time or simultaneously and the person is called multi-tasker, For example, sending emails during a meeting, talking or chatting on the phone while watching TV, chewing gum while studying etc. As every coin has two sides in the same way multitasking have both advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages of multitasking

Multitasking save your time as you are capable to complete your work simultaneously. At the workplace, you can save the money of any  organisation and also able to get a goodpackage. Organisation don’t have to hire more employees for the work. It also enhance your skills and can increase your productivity at your workplace. Motivate people to achieve more and more.

Disadvantages of multitasking

While doing to work simultaneously result in diminishing your focus. Sometimes your Quality of work distort and it could also waste the time. You might slowly lost the quality of productivity and also may get some health issues. It can be hard to focus when trying to more than one work at a time but it is important to manage your workload.

How to become a good multitasker?

The first step to achieve anything is planning. Firstly, you need to plan your day and set goals for the entire day.  Then make a list of your work and schedule them in your diary or notepad. If you will segregate your work. You will be able to achieve them on time.

Understand which task need to be completed first

Before you start working you need to prioritise which work need to be accomplished first. Your work will affect your entire day productivity. It is important to prioritize the work and once you finish tick it. It will help you to manage your things effectively.

A  break is necessary

To keep stress at bay, it is important to take short breaks.  In the research, it is seen that the energy level in a human body decline in every 90 minutes, this means you should take a break to keep yourself energetic. These breaks are important for you to maintain the quality of work. You may feel that the break is a waste of time but these small breaks are very helpful for you to stay energetic.

You should know how to deal with interruptions

During your work, interruptions are common. While doing any task interruptions could be anything. It can be emails, messages, social networking sites, telephone calls from clients or vendors who can waste your time. Your colleague can engage you in small talk. In that case, it is important to come straight to the point. You can directly ask the person about the concern.

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