How much the born day influences your life?

Days of the week and their ruling planet

There are seven celestial bodies- Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and each of them affect our life on a daily basis. Every day of the week has a particular meaning. It might be possible that you know about a certain planet that rules your zodiac sign, but today we  will tell you how much your born day influence your life. Your day of birth also has  a ruling planet that influence your nature as well as your character.

Zodiac sign week


Sunday is known as the first day of the week by the ancients and it is also viewed as a day of rest and worship. Sunday’s people have the Sun as an additional ruler in the horoscope. Children born on this day will never satisfy with ordinary things in their life and they wanted to be like a ray of sunshine for the people around them. Sunday’s children are bold, creative, self-centered and loud.


Monday is known as the second day of the week. Monday’s children have mood swings because its ruling planet is Moon. The Moon keeps changing and plays an important role in the life. A child born on this day will be attached with his home, and family.


Tuesday is traditionally viewed as the third day of the week. Tuesday’s children have the ruling planet of Mars, which symbolizes a fighting spirit, a will to lead and a desire to win. A person who is born on this day is active, brave, impatient, courageous, energetic, and enthusiastic. He or she has a desire to achieve success.

Days of zodiac
Days of zodiac


Wednesday comes under the rule of Mercury. Wednesday’s child has the questioning qualities which associated with this planet. The people born on this day have versatile qualities. They are communicative, logical, unreliable and careless.


Traditionally, Thursday is viewed as fifth day of the week. The ruling planet of it is Jupiter, which is the most beneficial of all the planets. It symbolizes happiness, optimism, expansion, good humor. Thursday’s children are usually generous but they also have the tendency of self-deception. It’s a teaching planet so the child born on this day has a special philosophy to share with the world.


Friday is under the rule of Venus, this planet shows the love, beauty, balance, sharing, affection and romance. Friday’s child is artistic and seductive but sometimes they depend on others opinion. They need to be surrounded by beauty and love.


Saturday is traditionally known as seventh day of the week. Its child is ruled by Saturn. Saturday’s people life leads to the importance of their family tree. They never get an easy life path. Due to Saturn’s influence, the child born with a task to resolve, slow and studious, modest, turned to others lifetime.  The people born on this day will be professional, practical, wise, strict and suspicious, with an ability to put their head through a wall when they really want something badly.

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