How moles on body affect your relationship?

Interpretation of Moles for your relationship

In this world, everyone have moles on their body. Whether you believe it or not, but it is true that moles can tell a lot about your relationship. The mole on our body tells many things about our behavior, personality, and even about our love relationship. The moles on our body have different meanings and interpretations. Moleosophy is a study which tells about the person’s personality, life, marriage, health, fate, behavior according to the placement of mole on his/ her body.

Take a look at the interpretation of the moles on our body:


If you have mole on your forehead on the right side, it indicates that the person will be healthy and wealthy and he will earn good name and fame in his life. If someone has the mole on the left side of his forehead, then the person will be selfish. He will not get respect from anyone in the society.


The moles present at the middle of the eyebrows, it indicates leadership quality, name, wealth etc. If the mole is presented on the right eyebrow, it indicates early marriage with a good lady. They can be lucky after their marriage. If the mole is found on the left eyebrow, then the person will not able to manage things properly in life.


Mole on right eye indicates great love life and good fortune in life. But the mole on left eye indicates continuous conflict in your love or marriage


A mole on the tip of the nose represent over thinking and quick temper. A mole at the right side of the nose indicates more money with fewer efforts. A mole on the left side of the nose represents bad news. The people could relate with prostitution. Mole presents at the nose point brings a lot of problems related to many things including your sexual life. You need to be very careful because it can put a bad impact on your married life.


Mole on the right cheek of a person is a good sign of love and hard work from both sides in a relationship or marriage. They give a lot of respect to their parents. A person with mole on the left side of his/her cheek could be arrogant and introvert person. He would face trouble in their life but they will be happy in their old ages because of their children.


Mole on the ears indicates good earnings and luxurious life. They could be in danger of drowning. A mole at the backside of ears that shows the person follows customs. The person will get his wife from a higher family.


If you have a mole on your upper lip, then it is the sign that indicates your sensuality is on a boost. This position is the presence of Lord Kama, the God of sensuality. A person with a mole on lower lip tend to have multiple sexual partners as they love romance, this can cause additional stress in such people’s life.


If a person is having in the middle of his chin, he will receive laurels from others. A mole on the right side represents logical thinking and diplomatic nature. They can convince other people easily. Their earning will be very good. A mole on the left side presents that the person talks straightly and that’s why people don’t like them much. Expenditure will be also uncontrollable.

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