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How Modi – Trump Bromance can help India?

Howdy Modi Event after Effects: How Modi – Trump Bromance can help India?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi triumphed the Houston “Howdy Modi’ event where he addressed more than 50,000 Indian- American. Indian Prime Minister has been successful to bring America on the same page when it comes to fighting against Pak-sponsored Islamic Terrorism. The camaraderie and bonhomie displayed by both Narendra Modi and Donald Trump have opened great possibilities and hope for India and the US. How Modi – Trump Bromance can help India?

Indian Prime Minister has been trying to use India diaspora all over the world as a big diplomatic asset. Indian Prime Minister strolled across holding hands with Donald Trump and sent an unambiguous political message at the ‘Howdy Modi’ event at Houston, Texas. He said, “Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkaar” more as poetic rhetoric than an endorsement of Trump for the upcoming American Presidential election. Trump, on his part, said, he would be the best-ever friend at White House for India. Of course, Donald Trump is aware of the bumpy Indo-US relation in the last 70- years. In the past, the USA has often taken the side of Pakistan, a non-NATO ally. The US has always vacillated and hyphenated India and Pakistan.

With Modi’s efforts, India-US relation is on a different footing today 

Be it Modi’s efforts or Trump’s policy shift, India-US relation is on a different footing today. Narendra Modi while addressing the Indian-Americans said without naming Pakistan that both the 26/11 in India and 9/11 in America came from the same source. Trump in response said everything that India wanted to hear. He said the US will stand strong in the fight of Global Islamic Terror. Currently, border security and illegal migration are hot topics in India.

The forceful stand of Trump is identical to BJP’s stand. The American president emphasized on the energy security, cooperation on defence and the contribution of India in the economic growth of America and job creation.

The leaders of the two greatest democracies lavishly praised each other. The chemistry or ‘Bhaigiri’ between the two leaders was significant. Both the leaders highlighted their achievements in their own countries and stressed the importance of friendship between both the countries and how it can benefit both the countries. Modi asked the audiences to give a standing ovation to the American President for his commitment to fighting terrorism. Both leaders said in the speech that they learn from each other. The next presidential poll which is just a year away. It will play a  major role when it comes to the new diplomatic equation between both the nations.

Critics say that Modi’s move of openly-siding Trump is wrong

Critics are saying that Modi shouldn’t have openly sided  Trump as it might piss the opponent Democrat party. And if the democrat candidate wins the election next year, it might not gel well with Indian Prime Minister. However, critics need to understand this is not how big powers respond or diplomacy works. The Prime Minister thinks India as a big power and he is willing to take big risks. He has turned diplomacy into India-centric and ideology- neutral. This is the reason why PM Modi has been able to rally nations behind India and isolate Pakistan even after the abrogation of Article 370 and Balakot air-strike.

Republican Presidents have always been friendlier than Democrats

Although the buzz has always been pro-Democrat in India, Republican Presidents have been more friendly to India than Democrats. Some people say that after promoting Trump has confused the 4 million Indian Americans in the US. For the first time, Indian-Americans have got recognition as a significant factor in US elections and it is one of the biggest achievements of Modi  This leverage is commendable as only a few ethnic groups enjoy this kind of advantage. Pakistan doesn’t enjoy the same advantage.

Pakistan is looking for aid from the US but our canvass is larger and it is political and strategic. Modi is looking at the US as a strategic partner against the shenanigans of China and Pakistan. Technology transfer, cooperation on defence and space and increased trade between both countries are the other factors that can’t be taken away.

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The outcome of “Howdy Modi” is loud and clear on all these aspects. Modi has got what India needed and wanted. Now, Pakistan has become irrelevant in India’s diplomatic engagement with the US. This will better India’s position globally. Donald Trump might have changed his words during the bilateral meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan but the Houston event had already gained important diplomatic recognition for India.

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